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Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day in London (2024)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to create lasting memories with your significant other! If you find yourself in London this time of the year, the options for romantic experiences are abundant. From charming walks along the Thames to lovely dining experiences, London offers so many romantic activities to make your Valentine’s Day truly special.Flowers in Mayfair: romantic things to do for Valentine's Day in London

Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day in London

Riverside Stroll

Kick off your romantic escapade with a leisurely stroll along the Thames. The South Bank is particularly enchanting, offering breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral. As the city lights up in the evening, the romantic ambiance is unparalleled.


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Thames River Cruise

A Thames River cruise is a lovely way for couples to spend a romantic evening together, immersing themselves in the timeless charm of London. Against the backdrop of the city’s iconic landmarks, this enchanting experience offers an unforgettable celebration of love. As the gentle flow of the river carries you, take in the mesmerizing views that paint the skyline, creating an ambiance perfect for crafting cherished memories on Valentine’s Day. Elevating the experience is the culinary delight awaiting you, with options like the Thames River Evening Cruise, the Westminster to Greenwich Sightseeing Cruise, or the Uber Boat by Thames Clippers and Cable Car Ticket, each providing a unique and memorable journey through the heart of London. Embrace the magic of the Thames and celebrate your love in a way that transcends ordinary romance. With the city’s skyline as your backdrop, enjoy a cozy evening with your loved one, complete with champagne and stunning vistas of London’s landmarks.

Hidden Gardens and Parks

Hidden Gardens and Parks in London offer an idyllic escape from the urban hustle, providing a verdant sanctuary for couples seeking a tranquil retreat on Valentine’s Day. Among the city’s gems, Royal Parks like Regents Park offers a romantic backdrop for a leisurely stroll. Hyde Park, with its sprawling landscapes, is another great option. Meanwhile, the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park transports you to a serene Japanese oasis, complete with cascading waterfalls and vibrant flora, fostering an intimate ambiance for shared moments.


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West End Show

London’s West End is renowned for its world-class theater productions. Surprise your partner with tickets to a romantic play or musical, and let the magic of live performance enhance your Valentine’s Day experience. London’s West End musicals offer an unparalleled experience, showcasing a diverse array of spectacular productions. Enjoy an evening immersed in the world of theatre, romance, and unforgettable melodies by attending captivating performances like Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Dirty Dancing, or The Time Traveller’s Wife—guaranteeing a night filled with enchantment and plenty of songs that’ll be stuck in your head.


Step into the lap of luxury at cinemas like Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, where plush oversized seats and gourmet treats elevate your movie experience. With meticulous design and personalized service, these venues redefine traditional cinema outings, offering a sophisticated blend of comfort and entertainment. A day enjoying the best of the area is, for sure, one of the most romantic things to do for Valentine’s Day in London. Complete your time out with a stroll through Portobello Road, followed by stop for drinks in one of the local bars or cafés!


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Romantic Dinner

London boasts a diverse culinary scene, with countless restaurants offering romantic settings and delectable cuisine. Book a special Valentine’s Day dinner at one of the city’s most romantic restaurants to surprise your partner!

Need ideas to find the perfect venue for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day?
Consider one of the options below!

  • Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden

Clos Maggiore is the most romantic restaurant in London! The courtyard is like a fairy tale with pretty white flowers and twinkling lights. A stone fireplace crackles with an open fire, setting the stage for shared glances and whispered conversations over candlelit tables.The French food is like a piece of art – tasty and fancy. The service is really nice, making a dinner at Clos Maggiore one of the most romantic things to do in London for Valentine’s Day.

  • Bacchanalia, Mayfair

Bacchanalia stands out as an ideal dining destination for those special occasions! Remaining faithful to its Greco-Roman theme with a touch of Italian influence, the menu offers a delightful array of dishes. Indulge in the must-try keftedes – seasoned meatballs on a tangy yoghurt base – complemented by the freshness of the Greek salad and the beloved truffle taglioni. Conclude your culinary journey on a sweet note by sharing the decadent tiramisu and the rich walnut cake, generously served with dollops of Greek yoghurt ice cream. At Bacchanalia, each dish is a celebration, making it the perfect setting for creating memorable moments on those cherished occasions.

  • Sessions Arts Club, Clerkenwell

Sessions Arts Club, one of the most buzzed-about restaurant openings in recent years, introduces a very elegant dining experience in the heart of the capital. Nestled in a Grade II-listed former courthouse in Clerkenwell, the restaurant boasts an ethereal ambiance with flowing staircases, arched windows, stripped-down walls, ornate fireplaces, and luxurious velvet furnishings. The eclectic and seasonal menu adds to the allure, offering exceptional culinary delights within this captivating setting.

  • NoMad London, Covent Garden

This hotel restaurant presents an ambiance that is nothing short of theatrical! Nestled on the lower level of Covent Garden’s NoMad hotel, envision an enchanting evening starting with a leisurely stroll through the square, followed by a delightful drink at the Royal Opera House across the way, and concluding with a dreamy, extended dinner within their stunning surroundings.

  • KOYN, Mayfair

You can experience the duality of light and dark at Grosvenor Square’s sophisticated Japanese restaurant, Koyn. The establishment unfolds across two floors, with Midori gracing the ground level and Magma residing on the lower ground. Midori, an elegant ode to decadence, features soft pastel tones, cherry blossom accents, and plush chairs arranged like a zen garden. In contrast, Magma offers an intimate and seductive atmosphere with terracotta tiles casting a fiery orange hue against dark wood finishes. Whether seeking a serene catch-up or a more intimate setting, Koyn seamlessly combines both worlds. The culinary offerings, orchestrated by ex-Nobu chef Rhys Cattermoul, showcase impressive takes on classic and innovative sushi and robatas.

  • Zēphyr, Notting Hill

The space at Zēphyr radiates romance; softly lit and outfitted in neutral tableware with touches of colorful eclectic trinkets and art. Dishes are generously portioned and taste best when shared with your date. Tables are hard to snag so reserve ahead.

  • Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Bob Bob Ricard offers a lavish experience with its renowned ‘Press for Champagne’ button and a Russian-inspired menu featuring sub-zero vodka shots. The opulent atmosphere is marked by electric-blue booths, marbled walls, Art Deco details, mirrored ceilings, and a gleaming gold bar. Transporting you far from the ordinary, this Anglo-Russian culinary haven showcases luxurious dishes like beef Wellington for two and classic pelmeni dumplings, featuring an extravagant array of ingredients like caviar, truffles, lobster, and oysters. Get ready to party like an oligarch in this stylish and indulgent setting.

Luxury Dinner Bus Tour

A Luxury Dinner Bus Tour can offer a remarkable experience that seamlessly combines gastronomic excellence with iconic London landmarks. Throughout the journey, indulge in a sumptuous 6-course meal, expertly prepared and cooked fresh onboard, as you pass by the city’s most renowned sights. From the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral to the historic Tower Bridge, the tour encompasses landmarks like the Tower of London, the Shard, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus. This immersive culinary adventure not only allows you to savor the best of French and British gastronomy but also provides a unique perspective of London’s beauty.

Afternoon Tea

Indulging in afternoon tea is not just a culinary experience but a enchanting escapade, making it one of the most romantic things to do in London for Valentine’s Day. Picture a leisurely afternoon spent in the refined ambiance of a charming tearoom, where the clinking of teacups and the aroma of freshly baked scones set the scene for an intimate rendezvous. From iconic venues like The Ritz or The Savoy to quaint, hidden gems, the city offers a myriad of options to suit every couple’s taste. Delight in a selection of exquisite teas, delicate finger sandwiches, and decadent pastries, all meticulously presented on tiered stands. The artistry of these delectable treats is matched only by the elegant surroundings, providing the perfect setting for a delightful time out. Whether it’s a classic afternoon tea or a themed experience, indulging in this timeless tradition is not only a feast for the taste buds but a romantic journey that adds a touch of elegance to Valentine’s Day in London.


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Indulge in Something Sweet

What about indulging in something sweet to celebrate love? If the way to your heart is through judicious amounts of sugar, be delighted to know that some of London’s finest dessert spots are gearing up for Valentine’s Day with special treats. Take a sweet journey to celebrate love at spots like Peggy Porschen, Donutelier by Roladin, and Chin Chin Labs, known for their Instagrammable desserts that are not only visually stunning but also a delectable celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy Live Jazz Music

Enhance your dining experience in London by choosing venues that offer live jazz music, elevating the overall ambiance. There are some quite fun jazz clubs in London that can make your Valentine’s Day a lot more special! Soho is a particularly enjoyable area to explore if this is what you’re looking for. Alternatively, consider joining a River Thames dinner cruise with live jazz!

Spa Day

A serene spa or a getaway from the daily grind in one of London’s most romantic hotels might just be what you need for a relaxing Valentine’s Day in the city. Pamper yourself in one of London’s top-notch spas, savor a delightful meal, or simply luxuriate in the comfort of a special hotel room!

Sky-High Romance

You can elevate your Valentine’s Day experience by visiting one of London’s sky-high destinations. There are many free viewpoints in the City that provide breathtaking panoramic views, creating a romantic atmosphere high above the city.


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Artistic Endeavors

Embark on a romantic exploration of London’s vibrant art scene by immersing yourselves in a myriad of artistic endeavors. Begin your cultural journey at the renowned Tate Modern, where contemporary masterpieces beckon to be discovered. The hallowed halls of the National Gallery, housing timeless classics, provide an immersive experience in the heart of the city. For a more hands-on and intimate artistic encounter, consider attending a live art class together. Engage in the creative process side by side, whether it be painting, pottery, or sculpture, fostering a unique and shared connection. Alternatively, exploring the myriad art galleries in neighborhoods like Chelsea unveils hidden gems by emerging artists, providing an opportunity to discover the cutting edge of London’s art scene.

Lakeside Retreat in Richmond

Head to Richmond for a romantic retreat by the lakeside. Take a stroll through Richmond Park, enjoy a boat ride on the lake, and savor a romantic meal at one of the waterside restaurants. The area offers a serene escape with its expansive green spaces! The town’s well-preserved Georgian architecture and cobbled streets add to its timeless charm. Richmond Park, renowned for its deer herds, beckons nature enthusiasts, while the town’s boutiques, artisanal shops, and inviting cafés offer delightful opportunities for shopping and dining. The renowned Richmond Theatre contributes to the vibrant arts scene.


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Kew Orchids Festival

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of orchids at the Kew Orchid Festival, an annual spectacle hosted at the Princess of Wales Conservatory in Kew Gardens. From February 3rd to March 3rd, 2024, visitors from around the globe gather to marvel at some of the world’s most stunning orchids. This year, the festival celebrates the rich biodiversity of Madagascar, showcasing the beauty of the island’s rare and unique plant species, with 14,000 native plants found exclusively in Madagascar. For an enchanting evening experience, consider obtaining an additional ticket for Orchids: After Hours. These special events, featuring live music, dance performances, spoken word acts, cooking demonstrations, food tastings, and cocktails, make for an ideal winter date, especially on Valentine’s Day. While entrance to the festival is free, access to the gardens requires a separate fee. Ensure to book a timed entry slot for the Orchid Festival when securing your Kew Gardens entrance tickets. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the alluring world of Madagascar’s flora and create magical memories amidst the orchids. Purchase tickets here.

Ice skating in Canary Wharf

The Canary Wharf ice rink stands out as one of London’s longest-running winter attractions, boasting an impressive four-month run that extends beyond Valentine’s Day until the 24th of February. Located at Canada Square Park, this rink not only offers an extended season but also captivates visitors with its spectacular roof adorned with over 1,000 lights, creating a festive ambiance. Beyond the ice skating experience, the venue offers additional attractions like curling, musical events, and more, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable winter outing for all.

Battersea Powerstation Light Trail

Battersea Power Station’s annual Light Festival returns with increased brightness and interactivity, illuminating winter nights from January 25th to February 25th, 2024. This free light art trail invites everyone to enjoy seven captivating installations by British and international artists, some making their UK or London debut. Spanning both the interior and exterior of the Power Station, these installations offer more than a visual spectacle. Enhanced with soundscapes and interactive elements responsive to movement, visitors can explore a giant diamond, illuminated butterflies, a playable light piano, and a cycling light battle. The installations, showcasing daily from 8 am to 11 pm, promise a vibrant and immersive experience for all.

London Eye Champagne Experience

A London Eye Champagne Experience transforms your ride on one of the world’s tallest observation wheels into a luxurious and romantic adventure. With priority boarding through a fast track entrance, you’ll swiftly ascend to witness breathtaking views of London’s iconic skyline. As you enjoy this elevated journey, indulge in a glass of chilled Pommery Brut Royal Champagne, expertly served by a dedicated London Eye host.

London, with its rich history and vibrant culture, provides the perfect backdrop to so many romantic things on Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether you choose a scenic riverside stroll, a private cruise on the Thames, or a dinner in one of the city’s most beautiful restaurants, there’s an array of romantic things to do in London for Valentine’s Day to make the occasion truly special and memorable.

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