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Views From The London Eye

London is a city bursting with attractions, and there’s a special way to take them all in from above by embarking on a ride in one of the world’s most famous Ferris wheels. The views from the London Eye are panoramic, giving you a bird’s-eye look at the city’s skyline and the winding river below. This renowned observation wheel has been drawing visitors since it first spun to life in 2000. Even though it’s not the biggest Ferris wheel in the world anymore, it still charms millions of visitors annually. The views from the London Eye are truly something else. As you rise in one of its glass capsules, London spreads out before you. The Thames flows beneath, flanked by stunning architecture and beloved neighborhoods that define this vibrant city. I was invited to board a Thames cruise followed by a ride in one of their private pods, and the experience was amazing! Let me share with you a bit of the enchanting views from the London Eye I experienced when boarding this must-try activity in the city!

views from the London Eye

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Views From The London Eye Highlights

Thames River

Combining a ride on the London Eye with this scenic cruise is seriously an option worth considering! This way, you can see several of the most famous landmarks in London both from above and from the river. This historic waterway, considered the lifeblood of England, provides a captivating view from the London Eye. You’ll witness an array of boats gracefully navigating its waters. At the pinnacle of the wheel’s ascent, a multitude of the city’s landmarks and buildings come into view. Take a moment to identify and locate them within the urban landscape.
London Eye from Thame Cruise

If you’re ready to embark on this incredible experience, don’t forget to book your entry tickets for the London Eye here.


Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge is one of the first sights to greet you as you ascend on the Ferris wheel. Make sure not to miss it, This historic structure is one of the most enduring and recognizable landmarks in England. Its distinctive seven iron arches make it hard to miss. Dating back to 1862, Westminster Bridge boasts a rich history, and from the vantage point of the London Eye, you’re treated to a splendid view of this architectural marvel. As you look out, you’ll witness not only vehicles crossing but also a diverse array of people, from locals going about their day to tourists capturing the moment with photographs.

Consider adding a Westminster tour to your itinerary and don’t forget to secure your tickets for the London Eye for an unforgettable experience.


Palace of Westminster

From high above on the London Eye, the Palace of Westminster comes into view, a stone’s throw away from the bridge and the meandering River Thames. It’s an unmistakable sight as you glide upward in one of the wheel’s cabins, revealing the grandeur of this Victorian Gothic masterpiece. Known as both the Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, this historic structure serves as the heart of British politics, housing both houses of the Parliament. While it once held royal residency, much of the palace was tragically lost in a devastating fire in 1834. Today, the Palace of Westminster stands as a testament to its original splendor, even though only a fraction of the original structure remains. From the London Eye, you’ll be treated to a captivating view of its ornate façade, its reflection shimmering in the waters of the Thames. And if you’ve already secured your tickets for Westminster Abbey, you’ll find it’s just a short stroll from this historic landmark.views from the London Eye

Be sure to secure your tickets for the London Eye to experience this breathtaking view for yourself.

Big Ben

When London comes to mind, it’s hard not to think of its royal heritage or the iconic Big Ben. This legendary clock, nestled beside the Palace of Westminster, is not just a symbol of the city, but a true emblem of England. And lucky for you, a trip on the London Eye offers a front-row seat to this iconic timepiece. Standing tall at a towering 106 meters, Big Ben boasts large clocks on all sides. Inside its structure rests a bell that tips the scales at a staggering 14 tons. The clocks themselves sport an impressive 7-meter diameter, ensuring that from the Millennium Wheel cabin, you’ll have a clear view of the city’s ticking heartbeat.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Don’t miss the chance to behold one of London’s most revered landmarks. St. Paul’s Cathedral stands as a testament to time, with its original construction dating back to the years between 1087 and 1314. Its architectural design takes the form of a cross, and at its center lies the majestic dome of this sacred structure, a sight that can be admired from the heights of the London Eye. This cathedral’s history is marked by resilience. The original edifice fell victim to the catastrophic Great Fire of London in 1666, an event that left an indelible impact on the city and its inhabitants. Yet, from the ashes, a renewed cathedral emerged, its dome now an enduring emblem of London, cherished by generations. As you ascend on the Ferris wheel, you’ll be treated to an awe-inspiring view of this grand dome, second in size only to the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. St. Paul’s Cathedral in London also boasts an array of intricate stone sculptures, adding to its architectural splendor.St. Paul's Cathedral

To immerse yourself in the beauty and history of London, be sure to secure tickets for the London Eye. This experience not only grants a sweeping panorama of the city but also offers a chance to witness the grandeur of landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral from an entirely new perspective.

Modern buildings

For an outstanding view of modern architecture, keep an eye out as your cabin ascends to greater heights. One of the most contemporary structures in the city comes into clear view. The Shard’s observation deck, unveiled in 2012, stands as a testament to innovative design, leaving an indelible mark on London’s skyline. This architectural marvel reaches an impressive height of 310 meters, encompassing 87 floors that house a mix of restaurants, residences, the observation deck, and a hotel. The Shard’s exterior is adorned with approximately 11,000 glass panels. On days of abundant sunshine, the glare might make it a bit challenging to admire it in intricate detail. Rest assured, you’ll still be captivated by its distinctive, pointed silhouette against the backdrop of London’s cityscape.

Walkie Talkie

Catch sight of the distinctive Fenchurch Building, an architectural marvel designed by Rafael Viñoly, from the heights of the London Eye. This building boasts a peculiar feature—its structure widens as it ascends, earning it the playful nickname “Walkie Talkie” among Londoners and tourists alike. While you may not immediately recognize its unique shape, you’ll certainly spot it from the London Eye. It stands out prominently amidst the city’s skyline. One handy tip to spot it is to look for the building that reflects sunlight the most, as its design allows it to catch and channel light in a way that sets it apart from its neighbors. Inside the Fenchurch Building lies a hidden gem—the Sky Garden, a captivating botanical oasis. The building also houses a selection of restaurants, a bar, and a cozy café. So, as you revel in the breathtaking view from the London Eye, be sure to keep an eye out for the distinctive Walkie Talkie-shaped building—it’s a sight you won’t want to miss.Walkie Talkie

Millenium Bridge

Opened at the dawn of the new millennium, much like the London Eye, the Millennium Bridge stands as a testament to modern engineering. This pedestrian suspension bridge spans an impressive 325 meters across the River Thames. Despite being designed over two decades ago, its appearance remains distinctly contemporary. Given its proximity to the River Thames, the Millennium Wheel provides an excellent vantage point for taking in the sight of the Millennium Bridge, even on days when the weather might not be entirely clear. The combination of these two marvels offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness the convergence of modernity and tradition along the banks of the Thames.Millenium Bridge

Buckingham Palace

At an impressive height of 135 meters, the London Eye provides a sweeping view that includes Buckingham Palace. Situated approximately 2 kilometers away from the Millennium Wheel, you’ll easily spot the grand residence from above. Built in the early 18th century, Buckingham Palace boasts a distinguished neoclassical design. From this elevated vantage point, you not only get a clear view of this iconic structure but also the lush green surroundings that envelop it. Now that you’re acquainted with some of the standout sights from the London Eye, let me share with you some additional noteworthy details about this captivating attraction.Buckingham Palace

How are the London Eye cabins?

The cabins are not only safe but meticulously designed to ensure an optimal experience for every rider. Each cabin is climate-controlled and designed to accommodate up to 25 people. Even with a full cabin, there’s ample room to move around and fully savor the panoramic views. Inside, you’ll find seating for those who prefer not to stand throughout the ride. Additionally, there are user-friendly touch screens that provide information about the surrounding buildings visible from the London Eye. As a special keepsake, you’re welcome to capture photographs from the cabins, but always be considerate of fellow passengers.London Eye cabinsLondon Eye cabins

The views from the London Eye offer a unique and unparalleled perspective of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Londoner, this attraction promises to leave an indelible mark, providing a sweeping visual narrative of a city that continues to captivate hearts around the globe. Many wonder if it’s possible to enjoy the London Eye after nightfall, and the answer is yes! During the summer months in London, the London Eye extends its hours, allowing visitors to take in the city’s nocturnal charm and see some illuminated landmarks. While most of the year sees the London Eye closing at 18:00, in June, July, and August, it remains open from 10:00 until 20:30. By day or night, don’t miss the opportunity to ascend this iconic wheel and experience the magic of London from a whole new altitude.

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