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A Walk in Chelsea

Chelsea, one of London’s most desirable neighborhoods, boasts an irresistible blend of picturesque streets, delightful mews, and a vibrant atmosphere. With its renowned King’s Road, stunning riverfront, and captivating markets, Chelsea is a haven for those seeking beauty and charm. In this blog post, I will present you the perfect walking route to uncover some of its cutest hidden gems! You’ll quickly notice that a walk in Chelsea is one the best ways to unwind in London…

Starting Point: Sloane Square to Cadogan Gardens

Begin your journey at Sloane Square tube station, a central location that sets the stage for your adventure. Exit the station and head straight along the square, passing the iconic Peter Jones department store. Take a left onto Symons Street, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll and explore the charming shops. If retail therapy beckons, don’t miss Pavilion Road. Carry on until you reach Cadogan Gardens, a picturesque street that will captivate you with its elegant surroundings. In case you want to spend a longer in the surrounding area, check out the best things to do near Sloane Square hereSloane Square: starting point for a walk in Chelsea

Draycott Place to Bray Place: A Delightful Detour

Cross the street from Cadogan Gardens and turn right onto Draycott Place. Take your time to appreciate the exquisite brick houses and their intricate details. As you continue, turn left onto Blacklands Terrace, followed by a right onto Bray Place. The quaint and inviting Lincoln Street awaits you next, followed by a right onto Coulson Street. Admire the delightful houses and tucked-away shops that line this enchanting area.

Bywater Street and the Allure of Pastel Houses

When you reach the end of Coulson Street, turn left onto Anderson Street, and then right onto the famous King’s Road. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you stroll along, soaking in the sights and sounds. Keep walking until you reach Bywater Street, a picturesque corner of Chelsea adorned with some of the most charming pastel houses. Pause for a moment and capture the beauty with your camera.Bayswater Street- a walk in Chelsea

Burnsall Street and Godfrey Street: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

As you continue along the King’s Road, take a right onto Burnsall Street. Traverse this vibrant street, relishing the colorful houses that grace its path. At the end, make a right onto Godfrey Street and follow the right-hand fork. Soon, you’ll discover a row of delightful rainbow-colored houses that demand admiration. Capture the essence of this kaleidoscope of colors, adding to the enchantment of your Chelsea walk.

Cale Street to Cheyne Walk: Embracing History and Tranquility

When you reach Cale Street, you have the option to explore a small square or proceed with your walk by turning left onto Cale Street itself. Take another left onto Astell Street and proceed until you reach Britten Street, reveling in the elegant brick houses along the way. Turn right onto Britten Street, passing charming pubs and the serene St Luke’s Gardens. Finally, turn left onto Sydney Street and cross the road to visit the delightful Chelsea Farmers Market, if you wish. From there, continue towards the King’s Road.

Glebe Place to Cheyne Walk: A Journey through Chelsea’s Serenity

As you arrive at the King’s Road, turn right and cross the street. Take a left onto Glebe Place, where you’ll encounter more of Chelsea’s captivating houses. Follow the twists and turns of Glebe Place until it seamlessly transitions into Cheyne Row. Along this route, you’ll pass Carlyle’s House, a small museum with an idyllic garden, offering a glimpse into Chelsea’s historical past. Eventually, you’ll reach Cheyne Walk, where you can turn left to admire the scenic riverside gardens. Don’t forget to explore Cheyne Mews, a place that bears witness to connections with Henry VIII. This walk in Chelsea will also take you to No. Fifty Cheyne, one of the loveliest neighborhood restaurants in London.

Swan Walk and the Chelsea Physic Garden: Nature’s Serenade

As you proceed along Cheyne Walk, take a left onto Swan Walk. On this route, take a moment to appreciate the enchanting Dilke Street and Clover Mews, with their colorful houses and cobblestones. Continuing on Swan Walk, you’ll encounter the Chelsea Physic Garden, a hidden oasis that showcases the city’s natural beauty. If time permits, venture into this delightful secret garden and immerse yourself in its tranquility.

Ormonde Gate to Smith Street: Unveiling Chelsea’s Brick Houses

From Swan Walk, walk until you reach Royal Hospital Road, and then turn right and cross the street. Turn left onto Ormonde Gate, where you’ll be greeted by more captivating brick houses. As you stroll along Christchurch Street, relish the architectural wonders that line your path. Take a left onto Durham Place, which seamlessly merges into Smith Street. Don’t miss the opportunity to peek into Woodfall Street and Smith Terrace, where more colorful houses await your admiration.

A walk in Chelsea is an immersive experience that unveils the true beauty and allure of this sought-after London neighborhood. From the charming streets and pastel houses to the hidden gardens and historical landmarks, every corner of Chelsea offers a visual feast for the senses. As you meander through this captivating district, be sure to pause and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the local cafés, pubs, and shops that dot your path. So, lace up your shoes, embark on this self-guided walk, and let Chelsea’s enchantment unfold before you.

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