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Winter Lights in Canary Wharf

As the winter chill settles over Canary Wharf, the dazzling glow of art installations heralds the return of the much-anticipated Winter Lights in Canary Wharf. Now in its eighth edition, this year’s event promises to be a captivating fusion of nature and technology, bringing together artists from around the globe to transform the estate into a mesmerizing wonderland. It’s definitely something you should add to your list of things to do in London this January!Winter Lights in Canary Wharf

From January 17 to January 27, visitors can embark on a nocturnal journey through 13 temporary installations, seamlessly interwoven with perennial light artworks that have become beloved fixtures of the Canary Wharf landscape. The festival, which runs from 5 PM to 10 PM each day, offers a unique opportunity to witness the intersection and juxtaposition of nature and technology, creating moments of stimulation, pause, and a harmonious blend of beauty and technicality.Winter Lights in Canary WharfWinter Lights in Canary Wharf

One of the standout features of Winter Lights is its decentralization, with installations strategically scattered throughout the estate. Wren Landing, Crossrail Place Roof Garden, Montgomery Square, and Union Square are just a few of the locations where attendees can immerse themselves in the radiant glow of artistic expression. Among the anticipated installations are five new commissions and five pieces making their debut in the UK. ‘Kinetic Perspectives’ by Juan Fuentes promises mind-bending optical illusions, while Gertjan Adema’s ‘Marbles’ offers a giant, calming marble run that captivates both young and old. ‘Sign’ by Vendel & De Wolf illuminates bamboo with flickering red lights, evoking the fascinating and frightening sight of fire. A returning favorite from 2019, Squidsoup’s ‘Submergence,’ is set to once again transform the space with thousands of suspended delights, creating a visual spectacle that is sure to dominate social media feeds.Winter Lights in Canary WharfWinter Lights in Canary Wharf

Beyond the enchanting visual experience, Winter Lights in Canary Wharf offers a chance to prolong the winter beyond the holidays. The festival coincides with pop-up food markets scattered across the estate, presenting a delightful array of street food and hot drinks. For those in search of warmth and a cozy ambiance, Jubilee Park features pop-up fire pits for marshmallow toasting. To extend the winter festivities, the Canary Wharf ice rink remains open until late February, providing an opportunity to glide gracefully under the starlit sky. While weekends may attract larger crowds, a weekday visit is highly recommended to savor the artistry without the hustle and bustle. As always, attendees are encouraged to bundle up warmly, as the Winter Lights festival invites everyone to embrace the magic of the outdoors in the heart of winter. Download the map from this link to assist you in navigating the installations effortlessly.

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