San Marino

Third smallest state in the world (after the Vatican and Monaco) with an Old Town all made of stones that has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2008, San Marino is an easy one day tour from Rimini for people traveling around Italy. From the Rimini train station, we can take a bus or a taxi to get to the final destination. I’d say it’s the kind of ideal trip for those who like to explore small little medieval towns in Europe! When we arrive and look at the Old Town, it’s easy to see that this small political unit compensates in History what it lacks in size. Legend has it that San Marino was founded by Marinus (a stonemason who at the time was not yet Saint) who climbed Mount Titano with a group of Christians who were being persecuted because of their faith by Emperor Diocletian. After the Italian unification process, San Marino remained an independent city-state. Today, the small country is made up of small municipalities around the mountain. From the top of Mount Titano, you can have spectacular views of the region. I know it’s hard to believe that considering its geographical position within Italy, but we can also get to see the Adriatic Sea from above! As it’s within Emilia Romagna, a lot of the culture of this region is also reflected there. Besides, the place also has a number of own festivals and traditions. Once we get at the Old Town, all we need do is walk on the narrow streets made of stones that are closed to cars. Going up a little more, we get to some of their castles. They all have quite medieval characteristics, so it may seem a little adventure to go up until the top of their towers. The view from above rewards the many steps we need to climb! If you wanna try the local cuisine, it’s really recommended to make a stop at La Taverna restaurant which is near the Parliament building and all other places of interest in the city center. If you have the opportunity to stay there until a little later, it’s worth to enjoy a more than spectacular sun setting!

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