The geographical proximity is only one of the reasons that made Buenos Aires become one of the favorite tourist destinations among Brazilians. The argentine capital is a great city with plenty of attractions to let us enjoy a nice trip in many ways. Buenos Aires has great tango shows, a rich cuisine, cozy cafes, a wonderful European architecture style and a wide range of cultural options. Recoleta is the neighborhood of Buenos Aires where these attractions are more visible and that is why this is my favorite part of the city. The neighborhood is very charming and wooded, which makes it great for a good walk. In addition, the place looks quite French with huge mansions, gardens and parks. During my stay in Argentina, I was hosted in Recoleta and had contact with excellence of the services that are offered in this area (hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.). The Alvear Avenue is one of the most exclusive ones of the city with residential luxury buildings, stores of top international brands and historic palaces. Among the shopping options nearby, we also have Galeria Promenadde Alvear and the shopping mall Patio Bullrich. A At the end of this avenue, we may see Plaza Francia, where we can find the Palais de Glace that always has interesting art exhibitions on display. Across the square, we can see the Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar, a church dating from 1732. The building next to the church is the Recoleta Cultural Center that has several exhibition spaces. On the other side of the square, the Cementerio de la Recoleta has a very beautiful architecture following the style of the neighborhood. The greatest attraction of the place is the tomb of Eva Péron. During the weekend, Plaza Francia houses one of the most important art and crafts fairs of the city. In the division of Libertador and Figueroa Alcorta avenues, there is the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, which houses the largest collection of art in the country. Next to it, we see the imposing building of the Law Faculty and the Floralis Generica, a metallic flower with petals that open in the morning and close at night.


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  1. Carol

    Buenos Aires é linda! Gosto mais de lá do que de São Paulo!
    A Recoleta é maravilhosa, nem comento dos restaurantes do Puerto Madero.
    Melhor bife de chorizo que existe!!!!

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