Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is one the most modern neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, and that’s definitely not something difficult to be noticed when we take a look at the architecture that surrounds the place. On one bank of Rio de la Plata, we have a series of contemporary buildings that house the new financial heart of the city; on the other one, low constructions with brick and mortar that house a number of restaurants, bars and clubs. One of the most interesting points of the place is the Puente de la Mujer, one of the most famous bridges of Buenos Aires which is considered one of the postcards of the city. It has a design inspired by a couple dancing tango and has a rotating central portion supported by steel cables that can be opened for the passage of vessels. Another very interesting tourist spot in Puerto Madero is the Fragata Sarmiento, a vessel turned into a floating museum. It keeps guns, candles, original objects and furniture. Still talking about the buildings that are in one of the banks of the Rio de la Plata in this area of ​​the city, we can say that they represent the latest architectural trends in the city. It’s really nice to enjoy a walk around the marina and take a break at one of the numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants. By the way, we find some of the best restaurants of Buenos Aires in Puerto Madero, offering all kinds of cuisine. One of the best options to experience the Argentinean cuisine there is the restaurant Cabaña Las Lilas.


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