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My 5 favorite spots for ice cream in Milan

Few things match as much as ice cream and Italy. As a complete itinerary around the country includes passing through several cities, it´s always good to have a short list of nice ice cream shops in each one of them to enjoy your italian days with gelato. I´m sharing below some of my favorite places for ice cream in Milan.


Gelato (shutterstock)- Milano

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Cioccolati Italiani

Why is this one of favorite ice cream shops? As its name indicates, we have many variations of chocolate ice cream here. Not to mention the vast amount of toppings. Conveniently located just few steps tothe Duomo, it also offers great pastries with ice cream.

Cioccolati Italiani. Via San Raffaele, 6. 20121 Milano.
Phone: +39 02 89406651. www.cioccolatitaliani.it.


Il Massimo del gelato

Widely remembered by the press as the best gelateria in Milan, Il Massimo del Gelato really has excellent ice cream. They usually offer more classic flavors. The place is small and is often crowded. It´s better to pick up the ice cream and walk away!

Il Massimo del gelato.  Via Lodovico Castelvetro, 18. 20154 Milano.
Phone: +39 02 3494943. ilmassimodelgelato.it.


Gelato Giusto

Gelato Giusto has good service and great ice creams with flavors that include both some local favorites and more unique creations. In addition, they offer a good selection of other homemade sweets.

Gelato Giusto.  Via San Gregorio, 17. 20124 Milano.
Phone:+39 02 29510284. gelatogiusto.it.


La Gelateria della Musica

This place not only serves ice cream but also offers some music live shows sometimes. It offers many flavors that change frequently. As it´s a popular place in Milan, they tend to have longer queues (especially at the end of the day).

La Gelateria della Musica.Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi, 4. 20143 Milano.
Phone: +39 02 38235911. www.lagelateriadellamusica.it.


La Bottega del gelato

La Bottega del gelato is famous in Milan for fruit ice cream. In all, it offers over 50 choices of flavors. As many of them are fruit, they may vary according to the season.

La Bottega del gelato. Via Giovan Battista Pergolesi, 3. 20124 Milano.
Phone: +39 02 29400076. www.labottegadelgelato.it.


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