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London Christmas Lights Walking Route (With A Map)

London during the festive season is nothing short of magical. The city comes alive with twinkling lights, glittering decorations, Christmas markets, ice rinks, and an infectious spirit of joy. Among the many delights, one of the most enchanting experiences is strolling through the streets adorned with dazzling Christmas lights. To immerse yourself in this seasonal splendor, follow this London Christmas Lights Walking Route through some of the city’s most spectacularly adorned areas.Christmas in Covent Garden

London Christmas Lights Walking Route

Somerset House Ice Rink

Begin your festive journey at one of London’s most enchanting ice skating rinks at Somerset House. Follow the Strand until you reach the grand arched entrance. The building, a Georgian architectural marvel housing diverse art spaces, transforms its courtyard into a hub of seasonal delights, from a summer splash pad to the winter ice rink. Bright lights, lively music, and the iconic ‘SKATE’ sign against the stone façade create an idyllic backdrop. Consider exploring the Courtauld Gallery for a taste of Impressionist and Renaissance masterpieces or seeking warmth at the Watch House, a cozy café within Somerset House, or the pop-up aprés-ski bar that remains there exclusively during the Holiday season.Somerset House at Christmas

Covent Garden’s Festive Charm

Exiting Somerset House, cross to Wellington Street and embark on a short walk to Covent Garden. Turn left onto Russel Street to immerse yourself in the vibrant market atmosphere. Covent Garden, steeped in history as a 17th-century produce market, now teems with artisanal stalls at the Apple Market and an array of shops and dining spots. Don’t miss the Royal Opera House, presenting the iconic Nutcracker performance during this season—keep an eye out for last-minute rush tickets! Ascend to the rooftop bar for a stunning view over Covent Garden—an exquisite hidden gem. Covent Garden dazzles in its holiday finery, adorned with sparkling silver spheres, oversized holly sprigs, and a towering Christmas tree. The festive atmosphere is heightened by periodic showers of artificial snow, adding to the seasonal magic.London Christmas Lights Walking Route

Having explored the charm of Covent Garden, a short stroll leads to Seven Dials. Seven Dials, an intersection of seven streets centered around a monument, serves as a bustling shopping district. Amidst the holiday ambiance, it’s an ideal spot for sourcing unique Christmas gifts in the city. With a plethora of restaurants and the expansive Seven Dials Market—an indoor haven for food enthusiasts—it’s the perfect place to warm up on chilly days. Adjacent to Seven Dials lies Neal’s Yard, an alleyway bursting with vibrant shops and eateries illuminated with festive cheer. Even after indulging in the delights of Seven Dials Market, Neal’s Yard beckons with its own culinary treasures.Seven Dials Market at Christmas

Carnaby Street

Moving forward from Neal’s Yard, anticipate the next enchanting stop on this Christmas lights journey—Carnaby Street, roughly a 15-minute walk away. This trendy, pedestrian-friendly area boasts modern stores bedecked with ever-evolving and whimsical Christmas decorations. From undersea motifs to disco balls and butterflies, each year’s theme is a vibrant burst of joy. Beyond shopping, the lively displays make it an especially delightful stop for children reveling in the holiday spirit. At the pinnacle of Carnaby Street stands Liberty London, a beacon of exquisite Christmas adornments in its own right. As one of the city’s premier department stores, it offers a splendid visual treat that encapsulates the magic of the season. Joining these unique destinations along this Christmas lights trail, Seven Dials to Carnaby Street, promises an immersive and diverse experience, each location adding its own distinct flair to the festive tapestry woven across London’s vibrant streets.Carnaby Street at Christmas

Liberty London

Embark on a leisurely walk up Carnaby Street until you reach the renowned Liberty London. Nestled in a building echoing Tudor architecture, this iconic luxury department store is a haven for fashion, beauty, and exquisite homewares, distinguished by its signature printed fabrics. Dating back to the late 19th century, Liberty has maintained a distinct artistic allure and spotlights a range of elusive brands, often captivating visitors with stunning displays, notably the captivating window exhibits—an unrivaled favorite among London’s displays. Inside, the expansive courtyard, occasionally transformed into a majestic Christmas setting, ranging from colossal felt trees to whimsical purple air balloons, beckons design enthusiasts and Christmas enthusiasts alike.Liberty London

Regent Street

Regent Street, an opulent counterpart to Oxford Street, boasts an ethereal Christmas spectacle, eclipsing the twinkling stars of its counterpart. Renowned for hosting flagship stores of high-end brands, Regent Street’s iconic display comprises dozens of golden angels with graceful wings that slowly illuminate the street, creating a mesmerizing sight along its sweeping curve. While bustling with activity, positioning oneself at the street’s center, capturing the rows of glowing angels in a photograph, offers a breathtaking perspective.Regent Street at Christmas

Bond Street and Annabel’s in Mayfair

Crossing over to Mayfair, delve into New Bond Street—a haven for London’s most esteemed designer shops, each bedecked in festive finery. From New Bond Street to Old Bond Street, revel in the opulent Christmas displays, with notable showcases at Cartier and Tiffany’s. Don’t miss the chance to visit Annabel’s on Berkeley Square; renowned for its annual facade transformations, past displays have included a holiday merry-go-round and a towering Christmas tree. For 2023, they are having a magical festive balloon on their exterior. A quick glance on Instagram may hint at this year’s enchanting installation—a worthy detour for those seeking extra Christmas magic. As this festive expedition winds through some of London’s most luxurious streets, each stop offers a unique glimpse into the city’s extravagant and captivating Christmas celebrations.Christmas at Annabels

Mayfair Shopping Arcades

While navigating Bond Street, discover two tucked-away historic shopping arcades adorned with delightful and picturesque Christmas displays. Royal Arcade and Burlington Arcade are both enchantingly decked out for the festive season, making them idyllic and charming spots to pause and soak in the holiday spirit.Mayfair Shopping ArcadesMayfair Shopping Arcades

Fortnum & Mason

As you step out of Burlington Arcade onto Piccadilly and veer left, a quintessential London Christmas sight awaits—Fortnum & Mason. Its façade transforms into a captivating advent calendar, while imaginative displays fill the windows, inviting you into a world of holiday enchantment. Established in 1707, Fortnum & Mason embodies centuries of British culture and tradition. The ornate Christmas displays and intricately decorated windows evoke a charming sense of nostalgia, adding to the festive ambiance. Amidst this splendor, the store offers an array of delectable food and drink, along with exquisite Christmas decorations. Renowned for their luxurious hampers, they make opulent and memorable Christmas gifts. For those seeking smaller tokens, their delightful biscuits or teas serve as charming souvenirs, albeit at a higher price point.Fortnums at Christmas

St. James

St. James neighborhood reveals quaint shops adorned in decorations that transport you to a bygone era, creating a classic Christmas tableau. Discover the hidden gem, Pickering Place—an alleyway leading to a magical Christmas tree. A delightful secret often seen on Christmas-themed Instagram posts, this small enclave feels straight out of a cherished holiday film, making it a cherished location for London Christmas enthusiasts.St. James Christmas Lights

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square holds deep Christmas traditions worthy of exploration for London visitors. Consider a leisurely stroll back down Pall Mall toward Trafalgar Square, home to the iconic National Gallery. At the heart of the square stands a towering Christmas tree, generously gifted by Norway. Its unique appearance often sparks online amusement due to its sparse and slender nature—making it an intriguing sight to assess as a Christmas decoration. Moreover, recent years have seen the addition of a cozy Christmas market in Trafalgar Square. Indulge in delectable treats and peruse the festive decorations, adding to the seasonal charm of this historic square.

Trafalgar Square

Map To This London Christmas Lights Walking Route

The self-guided London Christmas lights walking tour is mapped out below. Tackling all these spots in one stretch might be a tad overwhelming unless you’re in a particularly enthusiastic mood. Feel free to divide it into smaller segments at your leisure!

Christmas Tours in London

If you prefer a curated experience, consider joining one of London’s enchanting Christmas tours. Expert guides will lead you through the city’s glittering streets, unveiling the most splendid light displays and hidden festive gems. Check out the options below to embrace the magic hassle-free!


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