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Review: Halloween Afternoon Tea at the Royal Lancaster Hotel

I just had the pleasure of indulging in the brand-new Halloween Afternoon Tea at the Royal Lancaster Hotel’s Hyde Café. If you’re seeking a delightful Halloween activity to celebrate the season or simply love themed afternoon teas, this eerily delicious experience is a must-try in London this October 2023! Set against the backdrop of Hyde Park, the Royal Lancaster Hotel has the perfect location for a pre or post-tea stroll through this iconic London landmark, allowing guests to bask in the autumnal beauty of this famous Royal Park. The elegantly appointed lobby, where afternoon tea is served daily, sets the stage for a truly regal experience! For those with dietary restrictions, this limited-edition experience is also available in gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian alternatives.Halloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster HotelHalloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster Hotel

Review: Halloween Afternoon Tea at
Royal Lancaster Hotel

About The Hotel

Royal Lancaster Hotel is a 5-star establishment, just a stone’s throw from Lancaster Gate and Paddington underground stations, offering awe-inspiring views of London, award-winning restaurants, a gym, and the Hyde Café’s renowned afternoon tea. The elegantly appointed lobby of the Royal Lancaster Hotel sets the stage for a truly regal afternoon tea experience. Throughout the year, the hotel consistently delivers delightful limited-edition twists on this beloved British tradition. In 2019, the hotel was awarded a Commended certificate at the Afternoon Tea Awards in recognition of its quality Afternoon Tea service.Royal Lancaster Hotel

The Enchanting Hyde Café

Upon arrival at the Hyde Café, the enchanting interior design immediately captivates, and the warm, welcoming staff make you feel like a cherished guest. Within moments, you find yourself in the inviting embrace of the Hyde Café, where the magic of Royal Lancaster’s afternoon tea awaits. The bright, tranquil ambiance washes over you, and the promise of quality “me time” becomes a reality as your jacket and belongings are graciously attended to.

Hyde Café at Royal Lancaster Hotel

Limited-Edition Halloween Afternoon Tea

The classic afternoon tea served at the Hyde Café has been reimagined for October with spooky twist, resulting in a spread that is both eerie and delicious. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate a special occasion or indulge in precious time with friends and family, dispelling any lingering spookiness.Halloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster HotelHalloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster HotelHalloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster Hotel

The selection of delicately crafted sandwiches includes options like chicken salad with onion and mustard on white bread, roast beef with horseradish cream on granary bread, smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives on wholemeal bread, egg and watercress salad on wholemeal bread, and cucumber with salted butter on white bread. The salmon and chicken sandwiches were my favorites from this selection!Halloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster Hotel

The themed sweets steal the show, with creations like the Poison Apple, Tombstone, Bonfire, and Eyeball. Each one is a delectable work of art, blending flavors and textures in a spine-chillingly delightful way. The “Poison Apple” is a tantalizing creation, with layers of Feuilletine biscuit providing a delicate crunch, complemented by velvety apple mousse and a crown of caramelized apple compote. Meanwhile, the “Tombstone” presents a rich combination of Lady’s finger sponge, whipped Mascarpone ganache, and a decadent candied chestnut paste, offering a play of textures that is both indulgent and satisfying. The “Bonfire” ignites the senses with a Pecan financier, warmly spiced pumpkin frosting, and a finishing touch of chocolate sticks for a perfect blend of nutty, spicy, and sweet. Lastly, the “Eyeball” presents a visually striking treat, featuring a base of Pear William panna cotta, elevated with zesty lemon butter scotch, and finished with a delightful waffle crumble for a symphony of fruity, zesty, and crunchy notes.Halloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster Hotel

Vegan Alternative

For those with dietary preferences, fear not! The Vegan Halloween afternoon tea offers an equally tantalizing experience. The savory options include chickpea salad with chive cress on white bread, beetroot and horseradish cream on wholemeal bread, smoked asparagus and vegan cream cheese with tarragon & lemon dressing on granary bread, cucumber sandwich with vegan spread on white bread, and mixed grilled vegetable with red pepper pesto on wholemeal bread. For those embracing a vegan palate, the Halloween Afternoon Tea at the Royal Lancaster Hotel’s Hyde Café offers an equally enchanting array of plant-based sweets. The “Poison Apple” transforms into a vegan delight, with a plant-based cheesecake atop a delicate shortbread base, adorned with caramelized apple compote for a creamy, fruity, and biscuity symphony. The “Tombstone” takes on a tropical twist, featuring banana and dark chocolate ganache, complemented by a bed of chocolate soil, and crowned with a satisfyingly crunchy chocolate element. Meanwhile, the “Bonfire” becomes a luscious pecan pie with a pumpkin frosting, adorned with chocolate shavings, creating a delightful interplay of nutty, spicy, and chocolatey flavors. Lastly, the “Eyeball” introduces a tropical element, combining a coconut mousse base with layers of mango compote, all finished with a coconut sponge for a creamy, fruity, and spongey delight.


Served with clotted cream and strawberry jam, both traditional and raisin scones were delivered perfectly warm. The vegan alternative comes with coconut cream.scones at the afternoon tea

Exquisite Tea Selection

To complement the exquisite fare, a selection of teas from Camellia’s Tea House is available. I particularly love floral flavors, and decided to go for Cherry Blossom and Rose Tea. The Cherry Blossom, a Japanese green tea infused with peony and rose petals, offers a beautifully balanced cup with a distinct cherry undertone, reminiscent of a blossoming orchard. Meanwhile, the Rose Tea, a classic scented Chinese black tea, presents a medium-bodied infusion with a floral sweetness akin to champagne, achieved through the meticulous layering of tea leaves with fragrant rose petals. Each sip unveils a sensory journey, showcasing the artistry and expertise that Camellia’s Tea House brings to tea blending, making them truly exceptional brews for any tea connoisseur.

Halloween Afternoon Tea at Royal Lancaster HotelThe Halloween Afternoon Tea at the Royal Lancaster Hotel’s Hyde Café offers a bewitching blend of regal elegance and hauntingly delicious treats. Nestled just moments away from the enchanting autumnal beauty of Hyde Park, it perfectly captures the eerie spirit of the season. This experience is a definite must-try for anyone looking to add a memorable and delightful touch to their Halloween celebration in London. Please note that this limited-time offering will be available exclusively from the 23rd of October to the 5th of November, 2023.

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