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Halloween Specials To Try in London 2023

London’s Halloween culinary scene is anything but spooky! The city’s cafés and bakeries go the extra mile, crafting treats that are not only delicious but also visually stunning. From charming ghost-shaped sweets to savory pumpkin delights, and even extravagant Halloween afternoon teas, the city has it all. So many Instagrammable desserts and treats to celebrate this fun time of the year. Here are some of the top Halloween specials to try in London this year.Halloween Specials in London

Halloween Specials To Try in London 2023

Donutelier Spooky Doughnuts

Donutelier makes an impressive debut in London’s spooky season with three unique Halloween doughnuts. The pumpkin crumble doughnut, featuring a beautifully carved pumpkin face, is a visual and taste delight.


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Humble Crumble’s Famous Pumpkin Crumble

Experience the quintessential Halloween treat at Humble Crumble with their signature Pumpkin Crumble. Served in adorable mini gourds, it’s Instagram-ready. Inside, you’ll find a delectable blend of spiced pumpkin and apple crumble. Visit Humble at two of London’s finest markets: Spitalfields and Borough markets.


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Peggy Porschen’s Iced Biscuits & Cakes

Step into a world of pink dreams at Peggy Porschen’s bakery, where Halloween treats take on a whimsical twist. Indulge in pumpkin-topped cupcakes and playful ghost-shaped biscuits at their Chelsea and Belgravia locations. They also offer a fantastic limited-edition afternoon tea to celebrate Halloween!

Fortnum & Mason Halloween Treats

Fortnum & Mason stocks Halloween-themed iced biscuits, sweets, and treats as early as September. From chocolate coffins to skulls, their range caters to all tastes. The iced biscuits make for perfect party favors at any Halloween dinner gathering.

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B Bagel Bakery’s Spooky Bagels

In the heart of London, B Bagel Bakery is crafting a Halloween surprise with their striking black and orange bagels, adding a unique twist to the city’s seasonal offerings.


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Gaya’s Spiced Pumpkin Cakes

Gaya’s cake studio serves up delicate pumpkin cupcakes each October. They’re a delightful combination of pumpkin pie spice and brown butter maple cream cheese topping, all in a charming pumpkin shape.


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Hummingbird Bakery’s Spooky Range

Hummingbird Bakery, a beloved cake shop with several branches across London, goes all out with Halloween-themed treats. From decorated cakes to whoopies with vampire teeth, it’s a fantastic spot to bring the kids.

Whipped London’s 3D Pumpkin Cookie

Whipped London’s pumpkin cookie is a spectacular Halloween creation. This spiced cookie, shaped like a pumpkin, is filled with butterscotch and dulce de leche. Get yours at the Covent Garden shop.


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Cutter and Squidge Halloween Sweets

Cutter and Squidge, a renowned London bakery, offers a range of monster-inspired cookies, biscuits, and brownies at their Soho location throughout October.


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Chin Chin Pumpkin Ice Cream

If you’re still in the mood for ice cream despite the chill, Chin Chin is the place to go. Their Halloween special is a delectable pumpkin seed ice cream. Try it atop their sticky toffee puddings, available in both Soho and Camden.

OhLaLa Macarons

For London-made Halloween treats delivered to your door, OhLaLa macarons are your go-to. They offer pumpkin, ghost, and skull-shaped and decorated macarons.


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Biscuiteers Autumnal Cupcakes

Biscuiteers, known for their uniquely iced biscuits and charming cafes, is a go-to spot in London for those with a sweet tooth. This season, enjoy cupcakes inspired by autumn flavors like pumpkin spice, toffee apple, and spiced plum at their Belgravia and Notting Hill locations.

A culinary adventure through the Halloween specials in London will let you witness a delightful fusion of creativity and flavor. From  whimsical creations to spiced pumpkin flavors, each treat encapsulates the essence of autumn’s charm. As Halloween approaches, let these delectable indulgences remind us that the season is a celebration of both the spooky and the delicious in London.

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