Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

Situated next to the River Thames, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament represent one of the most iconic landmarks of UK. If  you’re going to London for the first time, this is probably one of the best places to start your tour around the city. It’s  also a very important place to take pictures of your travel to London. Although the name “Big Ben” is generally known to describe the clock tower as a whole, “Big Ben” is actually the principal bell within the tower. It’s probably the most famous bell in the world. As you all must already know, this is the most accurate and the largest mechanical clock in the world. The Houses of Parliament are situated in the gothic building close to Big Ben that is actually known as the Palace of Westminster. The site has already been a royal palace and a former residence of kings. The House of Commons and the House of Lords conduct their sittings there nowadays. The public galleries are open to the public when the Houses are sitting. UK residents and overseas visitors can watch debates on current issues or proposed new laws in both Houses by visiting the public galleries. You can notice that a light is illuminated at the top of the tower when Parliament is sitting at night. As you can see, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are very important symbols of London and the area definitely must be one of the first places you must go when you get in London for the first time.


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