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Where To Find The Best Gelato in Rome

Rome, a city steeped in history and resembling an open-air museum, conjures thoughts of many wonders, but none quite as delightful as gelato. In the midst of traversing from one captivating attraction to another, there’s nothing more inviting than pausing for a scoop of ice cream. Besides, in the warmth of Rome, gelato becomes an essential part of truly immersing oneself in the local experience. No visit to this enchanting city would be complete without savoring at least a scoop or ten of this iconic Italian treat. With gelaterias adorning nearly every corner, the temptation to enter the first one you come across is strong. Yet, while most offer a good experience, only a select few offer greatness. After all, if you wouldn’t settle for just a “good” bowl of cacio e pepe, why settle for anything less than the best gelato in Rome? It’s the perfect way to end a night out in Rome. Here are some of the best gelato spots in the Italian capital for your next indulgence!Where To Find The Best Gelato in Rome

Where To Find The Best Gelato in Rome


In the heart of Rome, amidst a sea of gelato options catering to modern tastes, Fassi Gelateria stands as a living testament to tradition. Since 1880, it has been serving up gelato, cakes, and semifreddi, captivating both locals and tourists with its time-honored flavors. While the city’s gelato scene evolves, Fassi remains steadfast, offering classics alongside innovative creations. Whether you opt for a cone or indulge in a Sicilian-style brioche with a scoop nestled inside, each bite is a tribute to the enduring charm of Rome’s culinary heritage. And for something truly special, the sanpietrini, with its chocolate-clad exterior, pays homage to the city’s iconic cobbled streets. In every way, Fassi Gelateria is an experience in authentic indulgence, a slice of history in each delectable scoop.


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Location: Via Principe Eugenio, 65-67, 00185 Roma RM


Nestled in a cozy, unassuming space, Fatamorgana is renowned for its commitment to all-natural ingredients. What truly sets this gelateria apart are the whimsical flavor combinations, each with its own claimed health benefits. Thumbelina, a blend of walnuts from Sorrento, rose petals, and violet leaves, delivers a delightful crunch. Meanwhile, Thought, a dynamic mix of ginger, horseradish, lemon peel, and pink grapefruit, offers an invigorating explosion of flavors. It’s a thrilling and energizing twist on Rome’s beloved frozen dessert.

Location: Several.

Gelateria dei Gracchi

A modest hole-in-the-wall gem, Gelateria dei Gracchi consistently draws lines out the door. Visitors eagerly squeeze into the compact, red-and-white-tiled space, aiming straight for the glass counter. Here, they eagerly request a bag of Gracchi’s signature bon bons – petite orbs of pistachio, hazelnut, and almond gelato, lovingly dipped in dark chocolate and adorned with chopped nuts. This is an authentic Roman favorite, cherished by locals through and through.


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Location: Several.

Gelateria Del Viale

Don’t be deterred by the graffiti adorning the exterior; it only adds to the charm of Gelateria Del Viale. This sweet gelateria is framed by ivy and boasts a vintage bicycle, setting the scene for a unique experience. Inside, the ambiance takes on a more French feel than that of urban Rome, with cream-colored lampshades, black-and-white photographs, and heart-shaped trinkets hanging from the whitewashed timber walls. Yet, the gelato remains resolutely Italian, offering 28 silky flavors in a myriad of hues. The gelato brioche, in particular, promises to be an unparalleled delight.

Location: Piazza Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, 9F, 00153 Roma RM

Il Gelato di San Crispino

If the narrow, terracotta-hued storefront of Il Gelato di San Crispino looks familiar, it’s likely due to its feature in both the book and film adaptation of “Eat Pray Love.” While the gelato here tastes just as magnificent as it did back in 2010, the perpetually bustling crowds and occasionally brusque staff have slightly dampened the experience. San Crispino adheres to tradition, making it a fitting choice. We opted for the crema, a creamy concoction of milk, eggs, and sugar, crowned with the now-famous San Crispino al miele honey flavor. Both were smooth and sweet without overwhelming the senses.

Location: Via della Panetteria, 42, 00187 Roma RM

Gelateria del Teatro

Whether it’s the bountiful displays of lemons, apples, oranges, and pears in the window or the drawers brimming with almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts, Gelateria del Teatro exudes authenticity. Everything here is meticulously handmade and irresistibly delicious, from the crunchy olive oil cones to the tray of Peruvian dark chocolate truffles on display. Yet, the star of the show remains the gelato. The menu varies with the seasons, with summer being ideal for fruit-based sorbets like orange-kiwi or rosemary-lemon.

Location: Several.

Gelateria Come il Latte

Appealing to both local professionals and vacationing families, Come il Latte offers a diverse range of flavors. From classic varieties like various chocolates, speckled stracciatella, and creamy lemon sorbet to the unconventional parmesan, sweet corn, and the extraordinary brie, blueberry, and caramelized hazelnuts, there’s something for everyone. Everything is meticulously crafted on-site, utilizing milk from grass-fed cows and fruit from local farms. Owner Nicoletta creates at least three sugar-free, low-carb, vegan-friendly flavors and cones daily, and she’s more than willing to whip up custom flavor combinations on the spot.

Location: Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26, 00187 Roma

Neve di Latte

Established in 2011, Neve di Latte has risen to the forefront as a top contender for the title of the best gelato in Rome. From Paolo Parisi eggs to Amedei chocolate, each ingredient is sourced from the finest producers, spanning Tuscany to Bavaria. The result is an unparalleled creaminess, a steadfast consistency, and flavors that exude an intensity rarely matched. While Neve di Latte reveres tradition, they also embrace creativity, offering patrons unexpected flavor combinations that showcase their daring spirit. In every spoonful, Neve di Latte transforms gelato into an art form, a testament to the exquisite harmony of passion and precision.

Location: Several.

Don Nino

Known among Romans for its remarkably fresh gelato, Don Nino crafts each batch on-site every afternoon, ensuring it’s served within a mere 24 hours. This commitment to freshness is evident in the array of prominently displayed awards. The signature cuor di brontolo, a lavishly indulgent blend of caramelized Bronte pistachios, Nutella, almonds, and cream, earned top honors at the world gelato championships. Don’t depart without trying the fichi della piana – a caramelized fig and hazelnut delight – atop one of their chocolate-dipped, pistachio-sprinkled cones.


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Location: Several.


Giolitti clings to the old school, both in terms of its menu (yes, that’s a banana split you’re seeing) and the decor itself, boasting beige wood, beige walls, and an abundance of marble. The bustling crowds attest to the special nature of this establishment. Customers eagerly vie for space at the bronze-and-glass gelato counter, or wave to grab the barista’s attention at the espresso bar. Outside, under the canopy-covered tables, patrons savor the last remnants of cassata – the beloved Italian ice cream cake.

Location: Several.

Gelateria La Romana

La Romana places a strong emphasis on premium ingredients, combining elements of a chic farmhouse with an Italian patisserie. Their sorbets are crafted with nearly 50 percent real fruit, while the traditional crema flavors are enriched with organic eggs, milk, and cream. A standout here is the white chocolate tiramisu, generously crowning a milk-chocolate-filled wafer cone. The gelato is freshly churned and poured into silver tubs right before your eyes.

Location: Several.

Gelateria della Palma

Despite the crowds and the distinctive 1980s aesthetic featuring a colonnade, palm trees, and marble floors, Gelateria della Palma unveils an astonishing array of 150 gelato flavors. From vegan chocolate and zabaglione (eggnog) to the striking teal-colored basil (a clear sign of natural ingredients), and a beloved Kit-Kat flavor, the options are abundant.

Location: Via della Maddalena, 19-23, 00186 Roma


Fiordiluna exudes a joyful atmosphere, from its lively wallpaper and orange bar stools to the cheerful hanging lamps and vibrant typography reading “Fiordilatte.” Aldo, the owner, prioritizes top-quality ingredients sourced from local, small-scale producers. While classics like chocolate, coffee, crema, and lemon are expertly crafted, occasional surprises like the ever-popular duetto, a blend of pistachio and hazelnut, emerged from an accidental mix-up.


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Location: Via della Lungaretta, 96, 00153 Roma 

Günther Gelato Italiano

With its meteoric rise in popularity, Günther Gelato Italiano now boasts three prime locations nestled in the heart of Rome, but it all began with the original spot in 2012. What truly sets this establishment apart is its unwavering dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients. Every element is meticulously chosen, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. The organic milk hails from local farmers, ensuring a creamy richness. The fruits, a testament to seasonality, burst with freshness, while the water is sourced directly from the pristine Plose mountain. This is gelato in its purest form, a testament to the art of proper craftsmanship.

Location: Several.


Grom, originating in Turin, Italy, has earned a prominent position in the world of gelato. With a commitment to exceptional quality and taste, Grom has expanded beyond Italy’s borders, establishing a presence in various cities abroad like NYC, Paris and London. Known for their use of high-quality, natural ingredients, Grom creates gelato that consistently delights taste buds with its rich flavors and creamy texture. Whether it’s their classic flavors or inventive combinations, Grom’s dedication to authenticity and excellence has solidified its reputation as a standout in the global gelato scene.


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Location: Several.

Map To The Best Gelato in Rome

Are you always on the lookout for the finest gelato during your strolls through Rome? Look no further! Discover the nearest top gelato spots that have been curated in this article, ensuring you savor the very best on offer.

This selection of gelaterias promises not only a frozen treat but an experience that encapsulates the essence of Rome’s culinary culture. Be sure to include these gems in your itinerary for an unforgettable journey through Rome’s gelato scene!


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