Alvear Palace Hotel

Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires is recognized worldwide for its excellence of hospitality and personalized service. Besides, it’s a quite interesting place that has always had a central role in Argentina’s social, cultural, political and business life. As the international press has already placed the Alvear Palace Hotel among the top 20 hotels in the world and said it’s the most prestigious hotel in Latin America, my expectations were already high before staying at the hotel. However, they were surpassed, and I was positively surprised by the remarkable experience I’ve had there. The first thing that completely caught my attention as I entered the hotel was the great elegance of its decoration that perfectly matches the many examples of Belle Époque architecture at Avenida Alvear. As I particularly enjoy this kind of decoration in Louis XIV and Louis XVI style, it was really great to be able to appreciate it almost everywhere during my stay at the hotel. The sound of classic music in the public areas also contributes to a remarkable experience. The staff is another highlight at the Alvear Palace. They are always very helpful and caring. After passing by the reception, the doorman that escorted me to my room was very friendly and kind talking about the hotel and showing me the room. By the way, the accommodations of the hotel are also absolutely awesome combining the classical decoration of the public areas with the most modern technology. The suites and rooms are all designed in Louis XV style. The historical furnishings, the crystal chandeliers, the golden walls and works of art transport do transport us to another era and realm of elegance after a day out. Besides, the room is arranged everyday with flowers and fresh fruits when we come back to the hotel. The bathroom is really large with Jacuzzi, LCD TV and a hands free phone. The toiletries at the bathroom have been exclusively developed for Argentina by Hermés. The hotel also offers access to a spa and a fitness center. On the same floor, there is a beauty salon offering hairstyling, manicure and pedicure services. They also have additional personalized services like personal butler and personal shopper.



The restaurants are other highlights at Alvear Palace Hotel. L’Orangerie with its beautiful Jardin D’Hiver is considered a traditional meeting place in Buenos Aires. The breakfast of the hotel happens there, it also offers an international buffet lunch and, in the afternoon, the classic Alvear Tea. La Bourgogne, in turn, is considered the best restaurant in Buenos Aires and the unique Relais Gourmand in Latin America. La Bourgogne offers exquisite French cuisine from the inimitable French Chef Jean Paul Bondoux.


Lunch- Alvear Palace Hotel

Docinhos 5- Alvear Palace Hotel

Docinhos 4- Alvear Palace Hotel

Docinhos 1- Alvear Palace Hotel

La Bourgogne- Alvear Palace Hotel


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