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5 interesting cities to stay in luxury hotels for less

Everyone likes the comfort and luxury of a 5 star hotel, but the prices attached to them are not always very attractive. In fact, they are even less attractive for us Brazilians, with the devaluation of the real against the dollar and the euro. The good news is that the tourism sector isn’t made only of United States and Western Europe! For those who don’t give up staying in a great hotel, I’ve selected five cities where you can stay in luxury hotels for much more affordable prices.


1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is an interesting destination from a historical point of view for Brazilians. Almost every museum and monuments that are must-visit attractions of the city have some sort of direct or indirect connection with the history of Brazil. The best is that the cost of living in Portugal is still relatively low, and this is reflected on the rates of its most important hotels. The Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon and the Olissippo Lapa Palace are some of the best choices in the city.

Vista do Castelo de São Jorge- Lisboa

Image: Mari and the City.


2. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is an old favorite of mine, and I never cease to admire how that city managed to rebuild everything in the times that succeed the Second World War after so many bombings! From the Old Town to its most modern areas, Warsaw delights us with its stunning architecture! It’s still a very underrated destination in Europe, but I’m sure it will not continue to be a secret for much longer. Two hotels which are excellent examples of affordable luxury are the Hotel Le Regina and the Hotel Bristol (besides both are located in great places to visit the main attractions of the city by foot).

Warsaw Old Town- Warsaw

Image: Mari and the City.


3. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges definitely can’t be judged by its size. Small and medieval town located in the region of Flanders, it’s considered the Venice of the North. Its many bridges and canals with its narrow alleys compose beautiful scenery and give a very romantic atmosphere to the place. The Hotel Dukes’ Palace Brugge is one of the best stay options.


Image: Mari and the City.


4. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has an imperial atmosphere in its architecture. Less touristy than Prague, it’s still a tourist destination that is often underestimated. One of the most interesting features of Budapest is that it has numerous thermal baths and public pools. Habit greatly explored in the Turkish Empire times, “going to the baths” became part of Hungarian culture. As a result, the city offers many thermal options for leisure or even therapeutic purposes. In fact, its luxury hotels are also well known for its great spas, swimming pools and jacuzzi. The Four Seasons Gresham Palace and the Corinthia Hotel are great alternatives to stay in luxury hotels in the city.


Image: Wiki Commons.


5. Krakow, Poland

Compounding the Polish itinerary with Warsaw, Krakow is a city with a very low living cost. Food and transportation are pretty cheap. It has an interesting history and the largest market square in Europe. Moreover, it’s a starting point to discover two other major attractions of Poland: the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Wieliczka salt mines. Sheraton Hotel is a good accommodation while you’re in the city.

Church- Krakow

Image: Mari and the City.

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