22 de April de 2015 mariana

Why we love New York

The city may look a little bit chaotic at first sight, but New York has a long list of awesome qualities that can make anyone love it here. Though it’s a big city, New York has a great quality of life. It’s a city of contrasts totally unable to bother anyone. The Big Apple has the most iconic skyline of the world but still keeps huge green areas all around the city. Even though the traffic jams are terrible, we can find very peaceful places inside the Central Park. New York has too many things to offer and exudes a vibrant energy like no other city in the world. We can find a countless number of museums, libraries, parks, restaurants, theaters, shops, shows and other attractions here. As New York is the land of the musicals, we can’t forget about them as well cause it’s always a great idea to stop by Broadway to check what going on there. Each time you visit, you’ll discover new things to experience as you relish the many things that you have delighted in before. There will always be something new. The city that never sleeps is constantly renovating itself. Besides, New York has a special beauty through the seasons of the year.  It’s a year-round destination and every season brings its own advantages to New York City visitors. Winter may be great to enjoy a snowy landscape; spring brings more energy to the city while its parks are blooming; summer brings lots of free concerts and events to the city and the autumn has a special charm with the leaves falling all around the city. That’s why we love New York and it’s always good to be here.


Times Square- New York

Grand Central Station- New York

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