Train from Milan to Zurich

Trains are one of the means of transport that make mobility in Europe much easier. In addition, they’re more practical than airplanes for short distances once we don’t need to go to far away airports and they let us enjoy calmly a beautiful landscape around us during the trip. As Switzerland is one of the most charming countries in the world, I couldn’t lose the opportunity to take trains to travel through the country since my arrival. In my first time in the Switzerland, I departed from Milan to Zurich. If you also need to do the same travel between the two cities some day, I do recommend to take a train from Italy to Switzerland. Although the travel is relatvely short (about 4 hours), the journey is quite pleasant and it’s possible  to enjoy the beautiful view of the border between the two countries. On the way to Zurich, we may see high mountains, lovely Swiss villages and lakes.

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