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Top 5 museums in Europe

Visiting museums and having access to the greatest works of art that the human being has ever produced is what motivates many people to travel to other parts of the planet. It’s undeniable that many travelers around the world are attracted to certain destinations due to its rich cultural offer. As the cradle of Western civilization, Europe brings together many of the most amazing museums on the planet. Paris, London, Madrid, Rome and Florence are excellent examples of cities where we can meet wonderful cultural treasures. They’re a true paradise for Art and History lovers. Throughout my travels across the continent, I had the opportunity to visit wonderful museums with works that I had only listened about in history It was thinking about this that I made a selection of my five favorite museums I’ve ever been on Europe.


1- Musée du Louvre

I believe that it’s not a surprise at all that the Louvre Museum would get the first place in the list. Everything delights me in this place: the works, historical objects, architecture, decoration of different wings, the landscapes around the building, etc. The museum is huge and it takes time to visit it. As I’ve lived for six months nearby while I was studying in Paris, I had the opportunity to go there many times in order to explore a little bit more the place. Dedicating time to learn more about what the place has to offer really worth it. In addition to the most famous works, the museum has many wonderful works that are less known to the public. The artifacts and historical objects are also able to fascinate any visitor.

Eu no Louvre com neve


2-Musei Vaticani

The magnificence of the Vatican Museum is something that really impresses. The entrance doesn’t show well what is about to come. Besides the gorgeous architecture, the sculptures, museum objects and paintings are wonderful. The visit ends in the Sistine Chapel where we can see the amazing frescoes by Michelangelo.

Musei Vaticani

3- British Museum

The British Museum has works of art and archaeological artifacts from many parts of the world. It has galleries that are dedicated to Egypt, Greece, Roman civilization, Asia, Africa and medieval Europe, tracing a real timeline on the history and human culture. The highlight is the Elgin Marble by the fact that it has already decorated the Parthenon in Athens.

4- Museo del Prado

Prado Museum is one of the largest museums in the world and is considered the most important of Spain. The majority of the collection consists of paintings by Spanish artists. The most popular attractions are the paintings by Velázquez, Goya and Ribera. In addition, the museum gained a lot of media attention recently when it was announced that it would house the first copy of the Mona Lisa.


5- Galleria degli Uffizi

Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance and holds an artistic collection even disproportional to the size of the city. The fact that the Medici have funded so many works of art left a unique cultural heritage in the capital of Tuscany. The highest concentration of these works are housed in the Galleria degli Uffizi. The museum has famous works by great masters of the Renaissance.

Galleria degli Uffizi

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