Tastefully Thai at The Peninsula New York

Located on 55th Street and Fifth Avenue, The Peninsula New York is set in a historic building dating back to 1905 that housed the Gotham Hotel in the past. Many of its architectural features have been preserved and, because of that, the hotel retains the atmosphere of sophistication from other times. At the entrance, an imposing staircase already gives a preview of the elegance that we’re about to see in other hotel rooms. The pieces of art that make up the decor are also absolutely stunning and often delight guests. Regarding infrastructure, the two highlights go to an amazing spa which was recently renovated and a wonderful swimming pool in one of the top floors of the building. When I visited The Peninsula New York, it was promoting Tastefully Thai. It’s an action of all The Peninsula Hotels around the world to promote The Peninsula Bangkok showcasing the best of Thai cuisine, culture and wellbeing. The floral arrangements of the hotel had the shape of an elephant; other festive decorative items were placed throughout the hotel; a version of Afternoon Tea inspired by Thai cuisine became part of the restaurant menu; and options of spa treatments with this theme were also offered to guests.


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