The New York Palace

The first impression we have when we walk inside The New York Palace is that name fits completely with the place. Located in a historic building on Madison Avenue, the hotel really looks like a palace. That’s probably why it’s one of the busiest places in New York for weddings and has served as the setting for the Gossip Girl series. By the way, many people still know it as the “Gossip Girl Hotel” due to the huge success of the American sitcom. The main entrance is located in a historic building that was once the private residence of the businessman Henry Villard and, because of that, became known as Villard Mansion. The initial idea of the architectural project began in 1882 and it was designed following the Italian neo-Renaissance style (with influences from Palazzo della Cancellaria in Rome). When we get inside the building, we see an imposing staircase giving access to other areas.


The New York Palace 36- New York


The ultra exclusive lounge Rarities

Rarities is the most exclusive lounge of The New York Palace and its access is made through a discreet entrance close to the main staircase of the hotel. Inspired by historic “men’s clubs”, this interesting venue serves a sampling of the world’s rarest wines and spirits. Included on its extensive beverage list are wines almost never seen anywhere else in the world. One of the salon’s most dramatic features is the illuminated, custom-made glass vitrine, showcasing the curated rare scotches. Extending through the center of the landmarked stairwell that connects Rarities with the hotel’s other cocktail bar, Tavern on 51, the display is arranged to look like precious jewels, allowing patrons to view each unique bottle and read the attributes of the scotch as they ascend the staircase. Guests may arrange their own private functions or join curated experiences featuring winemakers and master distillers. It’s the combination of exclusivity and privacy that makes Rarities a quite unique experience for hotel guests staying in the upstairs suites.


The New York Palace 47- New York


Pomme Palais

Located on the ground floor, just off of lobby, Pomme Palais is The New York Palace’s patisserie. There is a 51st Street exterior entrance to Pomme Palais to let visitors and New Yorkers enjoy this venue as well. The exquisite packaging was designed for on-the-go customers, but the place also offers seating options, encouraging guests to stay and enjoy their time. It’s always a great idea to stop in for macarons, warm house-made croissants, éclairs, or pain au chocolate.


The New York Palace 52- New York

The neo-Renaissance italian style and an astrological clock

What I love the most about The New York Palace is the fact that it’s situated in a historic building full of little secrets, and we can always find out something incredibly unique and beautiful in the architectural point of view when we walk through the different public areas of the hotel. Various neo-Renaissance italian halls and an astrological clock are great examples. The various environments in palazzo style have decorative details on the walls, ceilings and furniture that are really impressive and are among the best spaces of Manhattan for events. The astrological clock, in turn, was commissioned by Henry Villard to separate public and private areas of the mansion, once astrology and the zodiac were two subjects that fascinated people in the late 19th century.


The New York Palace 42- New York

The New York Palace 41- New York


Standard rooms

Following into the building, we have access to the elevators that go up to the accommodations until the 40th floor. The rooms are quite spacious even in the first categories. Very well equipped, these accommodations offer everything to make guests have the maximum comfort during their stay. Some of them overlook the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


The New York Palace 55- New York


The Towers

Located on the top fourteen floors of the hotel, The Towers own the most luxurious accommodations of The New York Palace. They’re entirely private, with separate check in and dedicated concierge.  It’s like a hotel within another one. As all the suites are quite spacious, they truly create that indulgent experience of home away from home. The Towers also provides many amenities such as nightly turndown service, and exclusive maître d’etage butlers.

The New York Palace 60- New York



With various spaces, the suites have that New York apartment style. The décor is of exquisite taste in every room! They are quite suitable for those who are traveling with family and need a larger place to stay. As the most special suites are located at The Towers on floors 41 and higher, they offer spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.


The New York Palace 61- New York


Martin Katz Jewel Suite

Though everything in the hotel has an exquiste taste, this penthouse was definitely what impressed me the most. It occupies the higher three floors of the building and has a private elevator. There are only two accommodation like this in The Towers: the Jewel Suite signed by Martin Katz and the Champagne Suite signed by Dom Pérignon. The Californian jeweler wanted to create the feeling of living in a jewelry box and totally got it!!! The small details of the decoration that refer to his jewelry (which are true works of art) created a wonderful space. When we walk inside, we see a chandelier that looks like a waterfall of diamonds and a display that showcases original artwork created by Katz. Glass windows extend from floor to the ceiling of the second floor and a beautiful grand piano complete the decoration of the Main Salon. The Jewel Suite has a master suite, guest bedroom, living room, dining room, entertainment lounge and a private rooftop terrace with garden and spa. In this third floor, we have a jacuzzi overlooking the horizon full of skyscrapers of Manhattan and the Empire State Building. It’s something to make anyone dream of living there forever!


The New York Palace 12- New York


The New York Palace 8- New York



The New York Palace is very well located on Madison Avenue and is only few steps from Rockefeller Center. The hotel may have quite attractive rates in the standard categories of rooms off peak seasons. It features suites that are usually more spacious than other luxury hotels in New York. One of the most interesting aspects of this hotel is the way that it blends well the landmark Villard Mansion with with a contemporary 55-story building. The New York Palace has business center, bar, patisserie, spa and gym. It has no restaurant, but offers 24-hour room service and nothing prevents you to take a drink in the greatest Blair Waldorf style in the cocktail bar of the hotel!!!


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