The making of Harry Potter- Warner Bros Studio Tour

Like almost everyone of my generation, I spent my childhood entertained by Harry Potter stories. I’ve lost count of how many times I have already read the books and watched the movies! As I’m a big fan, I can say that the visit to the Warner Bros studios was one of the most special things I did in London in the last times! The place is a little away from the city and you need to take the Warner bus which goes straight to the set to get there. This was the site used to shoot almost all the internal sequences of the film. It’s simply incredible to walk through the scenarios where various scenes took place throughout the stories, see all the costumes and makeup, understand how the special effects were made, get on the Hogwarts Express, have magic lessons, read the Daily Prophet, take a ride on a broomstick and hear the funny stories and problems that happened while movies were being filmed! Usually, there are queues to get in or it obviously wouldn’t look like a Harry Potter attraction! So, it’s better to arrive there as early as possible to have enough time time to explore every single detail of this place. When we get in a screening room, the staff already warns us that we’re going to watch all the Harry Potter movies and leave the place in the next day! After the joke, we see a video in which Daniel, Rupert and Emma (who are actually Harry, Ron and Hermione) talk about the place and the production of the films during ten years of their lives. Then, the screen opens and we go to the Great Hall where there’re original costumes, and the staff talks a little bit about the scenes that were filmed there. From that point, we began to explore the place by ourselves. It’s everything there: the costumes that the characters wore at the Yule Ball, the Triwizard Cup, some teachers’ rooms, furniture from the Weasleys’ house, etc. We pass by the platform of the Hogwarts Express and we can walk down the Diagon Alley. Within the place, there’s a food hall where you can taste various foods that were part of the stories, for example, the famous butterbeer, every flavor beans, chocolate frogs and much more. In an open venue, we have the Dursleys’ house and some vehicles of the story (the Knight Bus, Mr. Weasley’s flying car and Hagrid’s motorbike). In the special effects area, we see the incredible work of the team to create all the creatures that were mentioned in the books! There’s also a huge model of Hogwarts Castle in one of the rooms. The last part is always the most dangerous: the shop! If you’re an obsessive fan, it’s better to pass by very quickly or you’ll end up going bankrupt with the amazing things you can buy there before leaving the attraction!


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