16 de March de 2015 mariana

Studying in Barcelona

I know I’m not telling you any big secret by saying that Barcelona is an amazing city for studying, but the city is really as great as everyone says. Barcelona is a truly vibrant place where you can appreciate a quite different architecture, have artistic and cultural events going on along the year, meet friendly people and often find great musicians playing and singing along the streets. It’s also among Europe’s top student cities, and if you’d like to spend your student days learning more about the architectural creations of Antoni Gaudi, soaking up sunshine and meeting lots of friendly people of different nationalities, this could be the right place for you. In addition, Barcelona has many internationally renowned business schools, including IESE and ESADE. While I was coursing my BBA in Brazil, I’ve had some friends who spent a semester abroad at ESADE and everybody says that the experience was really great. However, my personal experience of studying in Barcelona was a little bit different. I spent a shorter period there improving my Spanish at a Language School. I stayed for one month there and the fact that the Catalan is used alongside Spanish in the Catalonia region wasn’t a problem at all. Actually, almost everybody speak both languages there. At school, I met people of a wide range of nationalities and it was really easy to make new friends there. Besides, the cost of living in Barcelona is relatively inexpensive. The cost of goods, services and accommodation rental prices are quite reasonable for a city with so many attractions and quality of life.


gaudí- barcelona

Eu no Las Arenas- Barcelona


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