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Reims Champagne Tours

The allure of Paris is undeniable, but just a short journey away lies a sparkling gem waiting to be explored—the Champagne region. Renowned for its exquisite bubbly and picturesque landscapes, a visit to the Champagne region from Paris is a delightful escape for wine enthusiasts and travelers seeking a taste of France’s effervescent culture. Located a mere 90 minutes from Paris by train, Reims serves as the gateway to the Champagne region. Trains from Paris’ Gare de l’Est station to Reims run frequently, offering a convenient and comfortable travel option for visitors. Alternatively, a scenic drive through the French countryside allow for a more personalized exploration of the region’s beauty before joining one of the Reims Champagne tours. You can also opt for full private tours departing from Paris!Perrier-Jouët: Reims Champagne Tours

Reims Champagne Tours

When planning a trip to the Champagne region, consider the seasons. Harvest season (August to October) provides an insider’s view into grape picking and the early stages of champagne production. However, the region’s beauty transcends seasons, offering unique charms throughout the year.

Champagne Tours Departing From Reims

Morning Champagne Tour and Tastings

This half-day morning experience ranks among the top-rated Reims Champagne tours. It includes a knowledgeable guide who provides comfortable transportation in an air-conditioned minivan and manages entry fees for visits. Delight in tastings at two family-run wineries, where you’ll savor a total of six tastings. Engage with the “méthode champenoise” at a small producer’s estate, exploring their press, cuverie, and cellars to enjoy three exceptional cuvées. Then, at a second winery amidst the scenic vineyards of Montagne de Reims, relish three more delightful cuvées, immersing yourself in the diverse aromas and flavors of Champagne.

Maison de Champagne and Wineries Tour with Tastings

This experience invites you to immerse yourself in the heart of Champagne, exploring Epernay and its vineyards while indulging in the essence of the region. Choose between two pick-up points: either in Reims near the tourist office next to Reims centre train station or in Epernay at the gates of the Champagne Boizel visit center. Dive into the world of Maison de Champagne Boizel and two family-run wineries, savoring a total of 11 wine tastings throughout the day. Choose between two pick-up points: either in Reims near the tourist office next to Reims centre train station or in Epernay at the gates of the Champagne Boizel visit center. Throughout the day, journey through Epernay’s iconic Avenue de Champagne, uncovering the renowned Maison de Champagne Boizel and two family-run wineries. Explore the champagne-making process, relish two emblematic cuvées at Boizel, and delve into the unique terroir amidst breathtaking vineyard views. Explore the birthplace of champagne in Hautvillers, home to Dom Pérignon’s resting place. Engage in an olfactory workshop at Le Clos Corbier in Mareuil-sur-Ay, heightening your Champagne palate, and challenge yourself with blind tastings of three champagnes alongside local snacks. Enjoy a traditional lunch featuring regional specialties and champagnes in a warm, familial ambiance, with adaptations available for allergies or specific diets. Explore scenic hillsides, gaining behind-the-scenes access to a family-run winery. Wander through cellars, witness bottles maturing, and savor tastings of their finest cuvées. Relish the experiences and souvenirs gathered as your guide concludes the day by dropping you off at your initial pick-up point.

Champagne and Family-Run Wineries Tour

This activity invites you on an immersive afternoon journey through the Champagne countryside, tracing the footsteps of Dom Pérignon in the village of Hautvillers. Explore a historical vineyard and two family-run wineries, diving into the region’s winemaking legacy. Begin your adventure at the Reims Centre train station’s tourist office, meeting your local guide. Travel comfortably in an air-conditioned minivan through scenic landscapes, uncovering Champagne’s production secrets at the first family-run winery. Engage with traditional press and tank rooms while sampling rare Champagnes, refining your tasting expertise. Immerse yourself in the UNESCO-listed Champagne vines, learning about terroir nuances, then visit Hautvillers, where Dom Pérignon rests in the village church. Conclude your exploration at a second family-run winery, comparing and tasting diverse “cuvées” before bidding adieu. The experience includes a knowledgeable guide, transportation, entrance fees, and six tastings across the two wineries.

Afternoon E-Bike Champagne tour from Reims

This cycling excursion will lead you through stunning landscapes, immersing you in the essence of the Champagne region. Return to Le Clos Corbier via the Marne canal, concluding your ride with a cellar visit at the domaine. Here, you’ll delve into the art of Champagne making, sampling various champagnes and gaining insights into the intricate process. Immerse yourself in this delightful journey, pedaling through the vineyards and savoring three champagnes at the tour’s conclusion, all while delving into the secrets of Champagne production.

Champagne Day Trip to Two Vineyards with Lunch

This full-day tour invites you on a prestigious wine-tasting journey through France’s Champagne region, spanning Reims, Hautvillers, and Épernay. Explore the revered Hautvillers Abbey, the resting place of Dom Pérignon, and stroll along Épernay’s Avenue de Champagne, home to iconic wine houses. Delight in tastings at two Traditional Champagne family growers, immersing yourself in the sparkling treasures of their vineyards. Traverse the Marne Valley vineyards, uncovering the legacy of Dom Pérignon, before relishing a convivial lunch at a local restaurant, featuring a main course and dessert. Conclude your day with a guided tour and Champagne tasting at a second family vineyard, diving into the opulence and stories behind these esteemed wines.

Day Trip to Veuve Clicquot Family Grower & Lunch

This guided tour in Reims is a full-day adventure delving into the historical allure and exquisite flavors of the Champagne region. Commencing from the Reims-Centre train station, the journey unravels the city’s regal heritage and Champagne legacy. Explore the revered Veuve Clicquot Champagne Estate for an enlightening tour and tastings, then venture to the UNESCO-listed Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, showcasing stunning Gothic architecture. A delightful lunch at a local eatery precedes a scenic drive through the Montagne de Reims vineyards, offering insights into Champagne production and the significance of ‘terroir.’ The day culminates with a visit to a family-owned Champagne estate, providing deeper insights into the craft and, naturally, more tastings. The tour concludes back at the Reims train station, leaving indelible imprints of Reims’ cultural heritage and the nuanced art of Champagne-making.

Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting

This Sabrage Technique Workshop in Reims offers an extraordinary immersion into the historical art of sabrage, teaching the time-honored technique of opening a champagne bottle with a sword. At The Golden Saber Academy, delve into the traditions of saber making, inherited from France’s regiments, including Napoleon’s hussars. Feel the weight and thrill of wielding a golden-handled saber while learning about its history and the traditional art of sabrage. Guided by experts, master the technique and successfully open a bottle of Canard-Duchene, culminating in a triumphant sip of champagne from your newly opened bottle. As a testament to your accomplishment, receive a certificate of swordsmanship, all within a safe yet exhilarating experience celebrating tradition and fine champagne.


Champagne Tours Departing From Paris

Small-Group Champagne Day Trip with Six Tastings

This Champagne guided day trip from Paris is a captivating journey into the world of Champagne production and French history. Embark on a minibus from Paris and venture to the heart of Champagne, visiting the Abbey at Hautvillers, where the iconic Dom Pérignon is buried. Learn about the wine-growing process from a local producer before delving into a fully guided tour at the House of Nicolas Feuillatte, the world’s largest Champagne producer. Savor three glasses of Champagne as part of the tour, complemented by tastings of at least three distinct types of Champagne at a family-run winery, offering the chance to bring home some cherished bottles. Explore the iconic Reims Cathedral of Notre Dame, witness to the coronation of 25 French Kings, concluding a day filled with Champagne education and cultural immersion before returning to Paris.

Reims and Champagne Tasting Full-Day Tour

This full-day tour from Paris invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Reims while savoring the effervescent wines of the region. Marvel at the illustrious Reims Cathedral, witness to the coronations of French royalty, and meander through the scenic Champagne vineyards alongside an expert guide. Embark on an exploration of renowned champagne houses like Mercier, Nicolas Feuillatte, Veuve Clicquot, or others (subject to availability), complemented by visits to smaller local estates. Indulge in a delectable 3-course lunch at a local eatery, embracing the rich flavors of French gastronomy. Delve into the intricacies of champagne production, learning about grape varietals, terroir, and the unique elements defining this celebrated drink. Engage your palate with tastings of exquisite champagne at a local estate while uncovering the craftsmanship behind these revered beverages. Conclude the day in Reims, where the majestic Reims Cathedral stands as a testament to Gothic architecture and historical significance, culminating in a return to your hotel, having embraced the essence of the Champagne region’s history and its iconic sparkling elixir.


Chocolate and Champagne Tasting Tour

This experience offers an insightful journey into the art of champagne-making, coupled with delightful tastings, on a unique chocolate and champagne tour. Delve into the production process of champagne, tracing its origins from Passy-Grigny, where a visionary priest, Aime Caudron, pioneered the Meunier grape. This English tour unveils the behind-the-scenes of champagne creation, traversing from the vine grower’s initial press to the contemporary vat house, catering to both novices and connoisseurs, offering a glimpse into the prestigious universe of Champagne. The culminating moment arrives with a tasting session featuring three Champagnes paired harmoniously with three exquisite chocolates, a fitting finale to this immersive experience.


City Discovery Tours

Reims, the largest city in the Champagne region, embodies a rich tapestry of history, culture, and, of course, exceptional champagne. The city’s crown jewel is the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site revered for its stunning Gothic architecture and historical significance in French coronation ceremonies. While in Reims, you can also join guided activities to further explore the city and complement the Champagne tours!

A visit to the Champagne region from Paris is a journey into a world of luxury, history, and sensory indulgence. Whether it’s exploring the grandeur of Reims, discovering the secrets of champagne production, or savoring the region’s culinary delights, this escapade promises an unforgettable experience. So, raise your glass and embark on a delightful adventure to savor the effervescence of France’s Champagne region. Advance booking for Reims Champagne tours and accommodations is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Santé!

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