Rafting on the Dunajec River

Unusual experiences are part of any trip and, often, they can become the most fun part of your itinerary. Poland is a country with several other cities besides the famous Warsaw and Krakow that can offer very different tours! Zakopane is a small Polish city which is considered the winter capital of the country. Close to the Pieniny Mountains, it strictly follows that architecture style from a mountain town. Visiting the place was already cool, but the best was the opportunity to experience a little adventure when I received an unexpected invitation: “what about crossing the border between Poland and Slovakia on a rafting boat?” Invitation accepted, I went with a group of friends to the mountains to reach the place where the boats leave. Although it started to rain while I was doing my boat tour, the ride was very smooth and full of stunning scenery along the River Dunajec, which is the river that runs through southern Poland and shares the border with Slovakia by aa few kilometers. The geological formations in this region are really nice and the guides responsible for conducting the boats tells us some stories of the region and explanations about the place. Some of them only speak Polish and it’s better to ask to go a boat with guide in English if you aren’t with anyone who speaks the language.


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