Review: Mandarin Oriental Prague

They say that Asian hospitality is unbeatable, and judging by the kindness displayed by the team at the Mandarin Oriental Group of hotels, it’s likely that this is true. I also believe that this is one of the key factors to consider when deciding to stay at a MO hotel. If you appreciate warm interactions with people who genuinely care about your well-being, and always greet you with a smile, then choosing a Mandarin Oriental hotel will not disappoint! From the reception to the room cleaning service, the staff offer guests a truly warm experience that goes beyond mere obligation, as can sometimes be seen in less reputable establishments. While Mandarin Oriental Prague has many other merits, this is the most positive aspect that I would highlight.Mandarin Oriental PragueMandarin Oriental Prague

Upon arriving at the hotel, we encountered individuals genuinely interested in hearing about our trip, whether it was our first time in the city, and if there was anything else they could do to assist us. Another noteworthy feature of Mandarin Oriental Prague is the historical significance of the hotel building itself. Housed in a former monastery dating back to the 14th century, it stands as a unique testament to times long past. Situated in Malá Strana, the oldest neighborhood in Prague, the hotel is only a five-minute walk from Charles Bridge. On one side of the bridge lies the Old Town, and on the other, the renowned Prague Castle. Mandarin Oriental is located on a tranquil street overlooking the castle on the river’s side. Being adjacent to the Czech Museum of Music, guests can sit in the inner courtyard of the hotel and enjoy the music emanating from their neighbors during the summer months!

Mandarin Oriental 41- Prague

Mandarin Oriental 33- Prague

Rooms & Suites

The rooms are quite spacious, and following the style of other Mandarin Oriental units, they feature contemporary décor in neutral tones. However, each room and suite has been individually decorated and furnished to capture the essence of the destination with an oriental touch. All are equipped with the latest technology. My room was on the third floor, affording me a wonderful view of the inner courtyard. Upon arrival, I found complimentary fruits and a welcome letter, which I particularly appreciated being in French. In addition to morning housekeeping, there was a turn-down service. After long walks through Prague, I must say that the room felt incredibly cozy by day’s end.

Mandarin Oriental 35- PragueMandarin Oriental PragueMandarin Oriental 36- Prague
Mandarin Oriental 37- PragueMandarin Oriental 40- Prague

Spices Restaurant & Bar

Spices Restaurant & Bar is the hotel’s restaurant under the command of the award-winning chef Jiří Stift. It offers a particularly interesting menu that suggests combinations of dishes divided into South-East, North-East, and South-West Asian flavors. I opted for a combination of North-East Asian dishes and found it to be an excellent choice. The dumplings I tried were truly delicious! Additionally, the service was outstanding, with waiters who were always attentive to every detail and quite knowledgeable in answering any questions. While the furniture is contemporary, the ceiling of the place still reveals that it was once a Dominican monastery from the 17th century, adding a special charm to the space. There’s also another dining option available in a private room with bare brick walls and an original medieval wall.

Mandarin Oriental 26- Prague

Mandarin Oriental 34- Prague

Mandarin Oriental 23- Prague


Everyone expects something exceptional from a Mandarin Oriental spa, and the one in Prague doesn’t disappoint. The venue is quite exclusive, being the only spa in the world housed inside a former Renaissance chapel. Several treatments are exclusively offered there. There are also two saunas and a very well-equipped gym. Additionally, Mandarin Oriental Prague offers a wonderful space dedicated to events. In this area of the hotel, we find the amazing Monastery Lounge and its extremely elegant adjoining rooms.Mandarin Oriental Prague


Mandarin Oriental 25- Prague

Mandarin Oriental 27- Prague

Mandarin Oriental 28- Prague

Mandarin Oriental 29- Prague

Final Considerations

Despite being part of a large group of luxury hotels, Mandarin Oriental Prague exudes all the charm and warmth of a boutique hotel. Its very contemporary and elegant interior design still pays homage to its history through artifacts and architectural details from eras gone by. In fact, this historical aspect of the hotel perfectly complements the destination. Prague is an incredibly enchanting city replete with castles, towers, and bridges, but exploring it can be quite an undertaking given the multitude of sights and activities. That’s why having a knowledgeable staff offering travel tips, along with a concierge ready to inform you about opera and ballet events happening in Prague, is a great asset.

Mandarin Oriental 32- Prague


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