Polish Presidential Palace

Close to the Old Town, the Presidential Palace is an interesting building to be visited in Warsaw. The architecture is quite elegante and classical. The main building was erected in the 17th century but it has been rebuilt and remodeled many times. The palace has been a private residence for many years. Things only changed when it was chosen as the place to stage the constitutional assembly of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire in 1791 and it became linked to governmental institutions since then. The building was the seat of the Polish Viceroy during the Russian Occupation and later the seat of the first Polish President when Poland regained its independence in 1918. The palace survived the Second World War and the Warsaw Uprising better than most of the city and took over the function as seat of the Council of Ministers after the war. In 1994, it became the house of the Polish President again. The sightseeing of the Presidential Palace is organized in groups with a guide and it’s free of charge but you must send an application to schedule the date of your visit previously.


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