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Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise is a cemetery in the city of Paris that became a major tourist attraction due to the many famous people that have been buried there. Established in 1804 by Napoleon I, the cemetery was built to relieve the overcrowded burial grounds of central Paris. Nowadays, it’s considered the world’s most visited cemetery. Its ornate tombs of the rich and/or famous form a verdant sculpture garden. The most visited are those of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Other notables buried there are composer Chopin; playwright Molière; poet Apollinaire; writers Balzac and Proust; painters Modigliani and Delacroix; and singer Édith Piaf. It’s also very interesting to visit the Mur des Fédérés (Wall of the Federalists) more for the tale than tomb. They say that the last of the Communard insurgents, cornered by government forces, fought a hopeless, all-night battle among the tombstones on 27th May 1871. In the following morning, the survivors were lined up against this plain brick wall, shot, and buried where they fell in a mass grave. The cemetery has commemorative memorials to those who died during almost every other war in modern history. Actually,  it’s also the site of three World War I memorials. Père Lachaise is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

Cemitério Père Lachaise- Paris

Túmulo do Jim Morrison, Père Lachaise- Paris

Túmulo do Oscar Wilde, Père Lachaise- Paris


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  1. Tamara

    O túmulo da Edith Piaf também deve estar entre os mais visitados. Não fui a esse cemitério quando estive em Paris, uma pena que seja longe!

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