Loire Valley

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, the habit of building castles around the Loire River was initiated with the monarchs of the Valois and Bourbon dynasties, and it spread throughout the region when it was adhered by other nobles of the time. As a result, the Loire Valley won stunning landscapes that are permeated by majestic castles and charming historical villages. Its most famous Châteaux are Chambord, Amboise and Chenonceau. A visit to these castles is a real lesson about the history of France. In the past, the amazing flora and fauna of the place made it an ideal area for hunting. Nowadays, the splendid nature around the river Loire makes the region perfect for hiking and playing sports. Other attractions include a regional renowned gastronomy, beautiful vineyards and charming hotels. A visit to the Châteaux represents the possibility of appreciating the beauty of the historic constructions at the same time that we enjoy everything the region has to offer with the comfort of today.


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