Krakow Main Square

Krakow is a quite interesting city and the main square became my favorite place during my stay there. Actually, it’s the largest medieval town square in Europe and many travel guides consider it as one of the most beautiful in the world. The architecture is truly amazing and the place is surrounded by historic houses, palaces and churches. There are also plentiful bars and restaurants there that provide extensive outdoor seating opportunities to the visitors in the summer. The central point of this square is the Sukiennice (or Cloth Hall), a place were merchants used to gather in the Middle Age to trade local goods like textiles and salt for eastern spices and silks. Nowadays, Sukiennice is a very important city icon and one the of the most beautiful landmarks in Krakow. Besides, the place still remains as an active market and there are also two other attractions inside. The first one is a museum that houses one of the most nationally symbolic polish painting collections of the 19th Century on the upstairs floor of the Sukiennice and the second one is an underground museum that tells Krakow’s history over the ages. The most important churches to visit nearby are St. Mary’s Basilica (with its two asymmetrical gothic towers) that has an stunning 15th century altarpiece and St. Adalbert’s Church that is made of stone and it’s one of Krakow’s oldest.


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