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French courses in Paris

Start learning a new language as a beginner isn’t the easiest task in the world, but being in the country where the language is spoken makes everything much simpler. In addition to hours devoted to language study in the classroom, we also end up benefiting from the passive learning that happens when we are necessarily living with this language in our day-by-day. Our vocabulary naturally broadens as we read a sign on the street, we need to communicate to buy something or hear a new word in the middle of any conversation. As French is a language highly demanded by the labor market and Paris has been elected for three consecutive years the best city to study in the world by the QS Ranking, taking the time to study French in the city can be a great experience both personally and professionally. Several courses in the city have quite flexible programs with classes offered both during the day and at night. They usually have classes for various language levels and have ways to improve writing or pronunciation depending on the student’s needs. I’m listing below three great French courses in Paris.


Sorbonne French Language and Civilization Courses

The courses offered by Sorbonne are great and very recognized. Regarding the learning aspect, the Languages and Civilization French course is excellent for those who are looking for a deeper cultural immersion process. The teachers offer great insights into politics, history, literature, economics and culture of France. This French course takes place on the Boulevard Raspail 214 in the 14ème arrondissement. All information about prices and dates can be checked here.

Sorbonne- Paris

Image: Site Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne.

Institut Catholique de Paris

Institut Catholique is traditionally known among students of Paris as “La Catho.” Just as the Sorbonne, it has a real concern in teaching French culture. The teaching methodology involves readings of texts about literature, film, philosophy, arts, etc. A big difference of this course is that French language students can also attend classes in other schools and colleges of the Institut Catholique as listeners or as officially enrolled students. All information about prices and dates are available here.

La Catho- Paris

Image: Wikicommons.


Alliance Française

The French Alliance in Paris follows the same teaching methodology from all other schools around the world. Regarding the quality of the lessons, I believe that Sorbonne and Institut Catholique are better than the French Alliance. The greatest pro of the French course there is that there is always the possibility of beginning the classes in any Monday along the month. Depending on the student’s level, there may be some restrictions regarding the date of the beginning of the classes on the other two courses previously mentioned. Prices and other information can be found here.

Alliance Française- Paris

Image: Wikicommons.




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