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Four Seasons of Paris

Paris isn’t the most visited city in the world for no reason. It’s stunning any time of the year and is always very alive doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold, but every season has its peculiarities! Below, you can understand the differences between each of them and plan your trip according to what you identify more!

Arco do Triunfo- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.



Paris doesn’t have a very harsh winter. The biggest problem of this season is not cold, but the fact that the days are much shorter. By contrast, we have the Champs-Elysées bright as ever and the beautiful Christmas décor at Place de la Concorde. In this area, we have the famous Ferris wheel mounted at the end of year and a great Christmas market. Another advantage of this time is that the cold is always a reason to stop by Angelina for hot chocolate. We must also remember that the city becomes an invitation to practice ice skating with the various rinks that are placed around the city. Normally, the biggest one is placed in front Hôtel de Ville and there is another one on the Christmas market near Place de la Concorde. Oh, we also have some advantages regarding shopping! From early January to early February, the Parisian shops have sales (or soldes). If you have a very large consumer thirst, this is a time of year when you can spend less. As prices are falling over time, the grand magasins (Galleries Lafayette and Printemps) are very full near the end of the sales period. It just doesn’t get worse than in the days leading up to Christmas. It doesn’t snow every year in Paris, but feel lucky if it happens in January or February. The city looks wonderful all in white covered by snow!

Winter 1- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.


Winter 2- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.



There’s no shortage of parks and gardens in Paris. In the spring, they are blooming and looking stunning! So it’s good to be prepared to spend a long time looking at the new colors and flowers at the Jardin de Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin du Palais-Royal, Jardin des Plantes, etc. Spring and autumn are the most beautiful times in this town! If you want to make small day trips from Paris, this is also an excellent time to visit Giverny or the gardens of Versailles. Another advantage is that the culture of cafés and sitting on the tables outside the bars and restaurants is back in full force! The biggest problem is that the rains are more frequent in the spring. It’s also important to think that the crowds go back to a number of attractions and the prices rise as the high season is coming.

Spring 1- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.

Spring 2- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.



This time of year, most Parisians get out of the city to spend their vacation in the south of France. The city is basically left to the tourists. The attractions are extremely crowded and the prices rise. Even with these disadvantages, you can expect to have much longer days and outdoor summer events at higher temperatures. Among them, the Fête de la Musique and the outdoor cinema at Parc de la Villette which are free. For those who travel for shopping, we have another period of sales at the Parisian shops like in the winter. Oh, and of course we have the military parade to commemorate the Bastille Day on July 14th and the Tour de France goes through Paris. I don’t think it’s the most appropriate time to visit the capital of France, but you can have fun if you don’t care about the crowds and higher prices.


Summer 1- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.


Summer 2- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.


This season, Paris is back to normal as most of the locals come back from holidays. If you wanna observe the local culture, autumn is the ideal time for it! The weather is still sunny and the colors are just wonderful in the gardens and parks of the city. We can see the various shades of yellow, orange and red among the trees. The attractions and the streets may become emptier as the end of the year approaches. If many restaurants, shops and cafés usually close for certain periods during the summer and the winter, it’s likely that everything is open in the fall. Once high temperatures of the summer are over, the weather is ideal to enjoy the sweet infinity of the French pâtisserie. It’s also much easier to get free tables in the traditional Parisian cafés. As we have the problem of rain in the spring, I’d say this is the best time to enjoy the city!


Fall 1- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.


Fall 2- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.


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