3 de August de 2015 mariana


For those who are passionate about any segment of art, a visit to Colette is more than suitable even for those who are not looking to buy anything. Its products are unique and full of personality, which is great to keep anyone updated with the current market trends. Like any other concept store, Colette seeks to sell an idea behind what is offered by the brand and not only products. That is precisely why it’s not attached to a specific product category or segment! We find everything around the space: books, decorative items, fashion products from leading creators and capsule collections, etc. Those who love design, fashion, photography and architecture can easily spend a few hours entertained with everything the store offers her. It also houses an art gallery and a water bar with a variety of types of water that will hardly be surpassed anywhere else in the world. Colette definitely worth a visit in every Paris trip!



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