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Classic pubs in Oxford

Whether in London or through the interior of UK, there is no meeting point so traditionally English as the pubs! They’re everywhere and are considered part of the culture and social life of the British. In the specific case of Oxford, the interesting thing about the pubs is that many of them were already attended by famous writers or important personalities associated to the University. In its most classic style, most of them are located in small venues with little lighting with an academic public. Here are some of the most famous pubs in town!

Interior The Eagle and Child- Oxford

Image: Mari and the City.


King’s Arms

Frequented by students and scholars, this pub is quite old. Its name refers to King James I who was associated to Wadham College which is next door.

King’s Arms. 40 Holywell Street. OX1 3SP Oxford. Phone:+44 1865 242369. www.kingsarmsoxford.co.uk.


The Red Lion

“The Red Lion” is one of the most common names for pubs in Britain. It seems that almost every UK town has a pub with that name. Looking like a restaurant, The Red Lion in Oxford is a nice venue in a very central location.

The Red Lion. 14 Gloucester Street. OX1 2BN Oxford. Phone:+44 1865 726255. www.redlionoxford.co.uk.


Image: Mari and the City.

Image: Mari and the City.


The Bear Inn

One of the oldest pubs of Oxford, The Bear Inn is a popular place in town. It’s known for its ties collection that formerly used to be exchanged for a pint of beer.

The Bear Inn. 6 Alfred Street. OX1 4EH Oxford. Phone:+44 1865 728164. www.bearoxford.co.uk.


The Eagle and Child

The Eagle and Child became famous for being  the meeting point of the Inklings, a literary group that included C. S. Lewis and Tolkien J.R.R. Even being very small and dark, it’s interesting to visit it because of the famous writers that used to attend the pub to discuss ideas for their stories.

The Eagle and Child. 49 St. Giles. OX1 3LU Oxford. Phone: +44 1865 302925. www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk.

Image: Mari and the City.

Image: Mari and the City.


The Lamb and Flag

C. S. Lewis used to attend this pub as well. Nowadays, it’s run by St. John’s College. The Lamb and Flag used to have rooms for hosting travelers in the past and was one of the stopping point for carriages on the north route to London.

The Lamb and Flag. 12 St Giles. OX1 3JS Oxford. Phone:+44 1865 515787.


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