9 de March de 2015 mariana

Castelo de São Jorge

Saint George’s Castle is one of the most visited attractions of Lisbon. As the castle is located right on top of the tallest of the seven hills on the historic centre of the Portuguese capital, it can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. This construction marks the first recorded human occupation of the city. The place has already served as a Moorish royal residence until Portugal’s first king Afonso Henriques captured it in 1147 with the help of northern European crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. It was then dedicated to St. George, the patron saint of England, commemorating the Anglo-Portuguese pact dating from 1371, and became the royal palace until another one was built in today’s Comercio Square. However, most of the castle was destroyed over the years, especially in the Great Earthquake of 1755. The castle and the surrounding area have a quite calm atmosphere, but a series of cannons easily reminds us of the castle’s original purpose. What remains of the Alcaçovas Palace where medieval kings lived, is a stone building now housing a restaurant, and round the back, a small archaeological museum in three underground chambers (including the one where Vasco da Gama was once received by King Manuel). We can climb the towers and walk along the ramparts for the most breathtaking views of Lisbon, or relax in the gardens where peacocks, geese and ducks strut around.


Castelo de São Jorge- Lisboa

Eu no Castelo de São Jorge 1- Lisboa

Pavão no Castelo de São Jorge- Lisboa


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