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Beyond the paintings of the Vatican Museum

As almost everyone has heard about it, the Vatican museum is huge and one of the attractions that take more time on a Rome itinerary. Most of its collection consists of paintings and frescoes, but there are other things in this place that can’t be missed!


Musei Vaticani 1- Roma

Image: Mari and the City.


The Vatican Museum courtyard

The inner courtyard of the Vatican Museums is a nice space that displays the sculpture “sphere within the sphere” by Arnaldo Pomodoro. A larger sphere seems to be broken at one point and, within it, we can see the smaller sphere. There’re several other versions of this sculpture around the world. It’s made of bronze, but appears golden depending on how the sun shines on it.

Musei Vaticani 2- Roma

Image: Mari and the City.


The views to Rome

Even if we’re entertained watching the Vatican collection, it’s worth taking a look at the museum’s windows. The views to the city of Rome are just stunning at some points!


Musei Vaticani 5- Roma

Image: Mari and the City.


The gallery of Maps

The Gallery of Maps is a very interesting place that we pass through before going to the Sistine Chapel. It’s a 120 m long corridor with large cartographic archives. The interesting thing is that most of these maps shows Italy before going through the unification process.


Musei Vaticani 7- Roma

Image: Mari and the City.


Sistine Chapel

I think the Sistine Chapel speaks for itself and hardly anyone who visits the Vatican Museums will want to leave without seeing it. The architecture of this place is stunning and the famous Michelangelo’s frescoes at the ceiling are a sideshow.

Musei Vaticani 3- Roma

Image: Mari and the City.


The spiral staircase

Getting out of the museum, we have one of the coolest staircases I’ve ever seen! That’s exactly why those are some of the most photographed steps on the planet as well. The staircase was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932.

Image: Mari and the City.

Image: Mari and the City.


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