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Best Hot Chocolates in London

Looking for the best hot chocolates in London? As autumn gives way to winter and the air grows colder, there’s nothing quite like holding a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands. With the Christmas Markets and twinkling lights brightening up the city, the craving for this comforting drink is hard to resist. If you’re in search of the coziest spots in London, I’ve compiled a list of the best hot chocolates in London. Each one offers a unique take on this beloved treat. From rich and creamy classics to imaginative concoctions, these spots are sure to give you a comforting hug in a mug.Chin Chin: best hot chocolates in London

Best Hot Chocolates in London

Festok (Marylebone)

Their luscious and decadent hot chocolate can be enhanced with whipped cream, candy floss and a sprinkle of crushed pistachios. Festok takes pride in being the exclusive London supplier of Lebanese ice cream, known for its uniquely airy texture. Their repertoire includes traditional options such as pistachio or rose, alongside inventive flavors like halva, date, and turmeric. Indulge in delightful desserts such as kunafa and basbousa that are equally scrumptious!


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Location: 14a St Christopher’s Pl, London W1U 1NH

Dark Sugars (Brick Lane and Greenwich)

Dark Sugars is undoubtedly one of the premier destinations in London for hot chocolate enthusiasts. Their truffle-filled haven is a paradise for chocolate lovers. Their signature touch of generously topping each cup with chocolate shavings has gained fame on social media. The flavors are meticulously balanced, avoiding excessive richness. For an extra kick, you can choose from a variety of flavors like hazelnut praline, salted caramel, and even spices like chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger. Whichever you choose, Dark Sugars’ hot chocolate is bound to be a delightful experience!


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Locations: 141 Brick Lane, E1 6SB and 9 Nelson Road, SE10 9JB

Chin Chin Labs (Camden and Soho)

Chin Chin is celebrated for their innovative approach to ice cream creations and inventive desserts. With locations in Camden and Soho, their hot chocolate stands out for its luxurious silkiness and the delightful touch of torched marshmallow fluff. Widely hailed as London’s finest, it’s served in a cup within a bowl for good reason—it’s bound to get a bit messy! Expect a dense, creamy concoction, generously crowned with a mountain of marshmallow fluff. A gentle toasting with a blow torch adds a delightful final flourish to this indulgent treat.

Locations: 49-50 Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF
and 54 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 3DS

Milk Train (Covent Garden)

Milk Train in Covent Garden, known for their Instagrammable candy floss-topped ice cream, offers a delightful alternative for chilly weather – the Crème Brulee Hot Chocolate! This indulgent treat is not only wonderfully velvety and sweet, but its torched caramelized finish ensures it’s a true showstopper.

Location12 Tavistock St, London WC2E 7PH

Santa Nata (Covent Garden)

Santa Nata is renowned for its delectable pastéis de nata, but their hot chocolate is equally noteworthy. Prepare to be indulged with a velvety, creamy richness that pairs perfectly with a nata or two. While it leans towards the sweeter side, it’s a delightful choice nonetheless.

Location17 Russell Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5HP

Melt Chocolates (Notting Hill and Holland Park)

Melt is a chocolate boutique renowned for its luxurious offerings, with locations in Notting Hill and Holland Park. Their hot chocolates are no exception, boasting exquisite flavors and impeccably smooth, silky textures. For those seeking a chocolate-filled adventure, Melt hosts a range of “Chocolate Experiences” both virtually and in person, promising a delightful and educational journey into the world of cocoa.


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Locations: 59 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, W11 2AA
and 6 Clarendon Road, Holland Park, W11 3AA

Italian Bear Chocolate (Fitzrovia)

Italian Bear Chocolate has become synonymous with the art of Italian Hot Chocolate. Located in Fitzrovia, the Chocolate Café is a haven for connoisseurs seeking the pinnacle of London’s Italian hot chocolate experience. The Triple Chocolate Mocha has become an Instagram sensation. Combining Italian hot chocolate and coffee, it’s then lavishly adorned with three varieties of melted chocolate, delivering an unrivaled chocolate immersion.

Location41 Broadwick St, Carnaby, London W1F 9QL

Rococo Chocolates (Various Locations)

At Rococo Chocolates in Belgravia, you’re in for a treat with their reliably delicious hot chocolate in London. With several conveniently located outlets, there’s likely one close to you. While Rococo Chocolates has gained fame for their meticulously handcrafted artisan chocolates, it’s their liquid hot chocolate that truly steals the show. Having been a presence since the early 1980s, Rococo Chocolates is revered for pushing boundaries in flavor profiles and refining chocolate-making techniques. Their hot chocolate exemplifies this dedication to perfection. Beginning with a rich foundation of premium dark chocolate shavings and cocoa powder, you have the choice of adding either hot water or steaming milk, along with a touch of sugar to suit your taste.


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Locations: Various.

Ruby Violet (King’s Cross)

Ruby Violet’s specialty lies in their exquisite ice creams and sorbets, but don’t underestimate their dedication to crafting exceptional hot drinks. Their intense shots of hot chocolate are prepared using the renowned Callebaut, with their ethical trade credentials proudly outlined on the menu. Served on charming vintage trays, the longer version, complete with hot, frothy steamed milk on the side, packs an extra punch of flavor.

Location: Midland Goods Shed, 3 Wharf Road, N1C 4BZ

Knoops (Various Locations)

Knoops has truly shaken up the hot chocolate scene, offering a wide array of options and flavor combinations. Here, you have the freedom to explore different chocolate percentages and experiment with various types of milk, including vegan alternatives. The ability to customize your toppings allows you to craft a hot chocolate that’s perfect for you. If you find the choices overwhelming, consider trying their flavor of the month or simply ask one of the knowledgeable baristas for recommendations based on your preferred styles and flavors. This ensures you’ll leave with a cup of hot chocolate that’s tailored just to your liking.


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Locations: Various

Hotel Chocolat (Various Locations)

Hotel Chocolat stands out as one of the top hot chocolate destinations in the city. This innovative café boasts a specialty in both distinctive solid chocolates and hot chocolate. Here, traditional norms are set aside in favor of a fresh take on the classic hot chocolate. The key to their excellence lies in their meticulous process. Hotel Chocolat begins by melding hot milk with finely shaved chocolate, resulting in a luxuriously creamy and intensely chocolatey base. This is then enhanced with a dollop of chocolate cream and crowned with an additional layer of delicate chocolate shavings, culminating in a truly decadent indulgence.


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Locations: Various.

As the winter chill embraces London, these hot chocolate havens beckon, each offering a unique and indulgent experience. So, wrap your hands around a steaming cup and let the velvety warmth of these concoctions be your companion through the crisp winter days in the heart of the city. Explore these destinations to treat yourself to the finest hot chocolates in London, and make your winter cozier!

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