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Best Coffee Shops in Paris You Should Check Out

Paris is not only renowned for its romantic ambiance and stunning landmarks but also for its thriving coffee culture. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply enjoy a good cup of joe, Paris has a plethora of exceptional coffee shops that will satisfy your cravings. From chic and trendy establishments to cozy and traditional cafés, here are some of the best coffee shops in Paris that you must visit!best coffee shops in Paris

Best Coffee Shops in Paris You Should Check Out

Café Kitsuné

Café Kitsuné is a trendy and fashionable coffee shop that combines coffee, fashion, and music. With its minimalist and sleek design, it offers a contemporary and stylish atmosphere. The café is known for its expertly crafted coffee and a menu that includes both classic and unique beverages. Whether you’re in the mood for a perfectly brewed espresso or a refreshing matcha latte, Café Kitsuné has you covered. It’s a favorite among the fashion-forward crowd and music enthusiasts, making it one of the must-visit coffee shops in Paris!


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Café De Flore

Café De Flore is one of the oldest and most iconic coffee shops in Paris. Located in Saint-Germain, this café exudes a classic Parisian charm. It has been a favorite brunch spot for renowned individuals such as Albert Camus, Raymond Queneau, and Pablo Picasso since the 1930s. Café De Flore is famous for its fine hot chocolate and hosts philosophy debates for its guests on Wednesdays. The café’s cappuccinos, adorned with latte art in the form of their name, are perfect for Instagram-worthy photos.

Café Loustic

Café Loustic is a chic and stylish coffee shop located in the heart of Paris. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a meticulously designed interior, courtesy of Dorothée Meilichzon. From the signature Hermès wallpaper to the pink cushions, every detail exudes elegance. The menu boasts a variety of specialty coffee options, including the popular milk oolong tea, chai latte, and Aeropress. Café Loustic is the perfect spot for a quick brunch or an evening coffee break.


Télescope is a minimalist coffee shop that has made a significant impact on the coffee scene in Paris. Situated between Palais Royal and Opera Garnier, this iconic café is known for its dedication to the art of coffee brewing. The white walls, wooden counter, and absence of Wi-Fi create a tranquil and focused environment. While Télescope doesn’t offer fancy lattes, their focus on high-quality espresso and their own roasted coffee beans make it a must-visit for coffee purists.


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Holybelly is a favorite spot for weekend brunch among both tourists and locals. This bustling café serves not only delicious and finely brewed coffee but also mouthwatering breakfast and brunch delights. The highlight of the menu is their famous pancakes, often hailed as the best in the city. Don’t miss out on trying the unique London Fog Tea, an Earl Grey tea infused with milk. Be prepared for a potential wait, as Holybelly’s popularity ensures a constant flow of customers.

Ten Belles

Ten Belles is a sustainable specialty coffee shop with multiple locations in Paris. Managed by coffee connoisseur Thomas Lehoux, this beloved café offers an exceptional coffee experience. The focus here is on coffee, bread, and other delectable treats. Ten Belles sources their coffee beans from Télescope and rotates their blends regularly. The small size of the café means it can get crowded, so be sure to arrive early to secure a table.


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Fringe Coffee

Fringe Coffee stands out with its artsy and vibrant ambiance. The walls are adorned with rotating exhibitions of photographs and art, creating a unique and visually stimulating environment. This café offers a Scandinavian-inspired menu, featuring seasonal soups, veggie-packed salads, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. The combination of excellent coffee and an artistic atmosphere makes Fringe Coffee a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts looking for a cozy and creative experience.


Located in the historically rich 18th Arrondissement of Montmartre, Lomi is a rustic-style, vintage-inspired café. It is known for its expertise in coffee roasting and is a favorite among coffee fanatics, young students, and friends looking to catch up. You can even purchase their coffee grind to enjoy their brews at home. The wooden interiors and well-trained staff create a warm and inviting atmosphere for coffee enthusiasts to savor their carefully crafted beverages.


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Le Peloton Café

Le Peloton Café is a unique coffee shop that combines two passions: coffee and cycling. Owned and operated by the founders of Bike About Tours, this café offers a cozy atmosphere and focuses on two things only: coffee and cycling. It’s a great place to stop for a coffee break while exploring the left bank or if you’re in the area for shopping. Enjoy a cup of well-prepared coffee and pair it with simple bakery items like waffles or croissants.

La Fontaine De Belleville

La Fontaine De Belleville is a coffee shop with a rich history that dates back to 1908. What was once a frequented bar has transformed into a world-class signature coffee shop. The storefront retains elements of the 20s architecture, such as molded ceilings and fine paintings, while adding colorful tables and chairs for a modern touch. La Fontaine De Belleville is known for its exceptional coffee, best Croque Monsieur, and ham butter. On Saturday nights, the café comes alive with live jazz performances by talented local artists.

Matamata Coffee Bar

Matamata Coffee Bar, situated in the beautiful 2nd Arrondissement, is considered one of the best coffee shops in Paris. The café offers a serene atmosphere with isolated seating upstairs and a communal table downstairs, allowing visitors to choose their preferred ambiance. The staff at Matamata Coffee Bar takes pride in their expertly prepared coffee and welcomes guests with enthusiasm. It’s an ideal spot for a quick brunch with a friend or a peaceful moment alone with a good book.


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KB Café Shop

KB Café Shop has been a specialty coffee roaster in the city since 2010. With its beautiful wooden interiors and expansive outdoor terrace seating, it offers a charming environment. KB Café Shop roasts its own coffee beans, and their constant blend rotation keeps customers intrigued. Indulge in a hazelnut cappuccino paired with warm banana bread, and don’t forget to check out their second location, Back in Black, for coffee workshops and tastings.

The Beans On Fire

The Beans On Fire is a quaint and airy coffee shop in the 11th Arrondissement. It offers a quirky and cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a caffeine pick-me-up. The café roasts its own coffee beans, ensuring freshness and a unique flavor profile. Pair your coffee with their delectable doughnuts, fruit parfait, scones, or salads. The combination of delightful brews and a charming indoor-outdoor seating area makes The Beans On Fire a delightful choice.


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Café Méricourt

Café Méricourt offers a serene and inviting environment. With its pristine white furniture and an array of succulents and plants, this café is a great spot for brunch with a friend. Café Méricourt is known for its delicious sweet and savory lunch snacks, which pair perfectly with a specialty coffee of your choice. Indulge in green eggs, shakshuka, or other delectable dishes for a delightful lunch experience.


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Café Du Coin

Café Du Coin is a charming neighborhood café that has quickly become a local favorite. This café has an expansive and colorful interior, contrasting with its previous life as a defunct bistro. Café Du Coin is known for its exceptional coffee, as well as serving the best pizzetta and natural wines in Paris. On Saturdays, guests can enjoy live jazz performances, adding to the lively atmosphere of the café.


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République Of Coffee

République Of Coffee offers a visually appealing and Instagram-friendly setting. The café features flowers on each table, mirrored walls, and a blend of Hausmannian architecture and contemporary design elements. Beyond aesthetics, République Of Coffee impresses with its excellent coffee and Mexican-inspired food. Try their delightful coffee blends alongside dishes like burritos, tacos, avocado toast, or açaí bowls for a unique and satisfying culinary experience.


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Café Charlot

Café Charlot is a quintessential Parisian coffee shop. With its old bakery storefront and retro interiors, it embodies the classic charm of a traditional café. Café Charlot is a favorite among locals and hipsters alike, offering a menu that goes beyond coffee. While sipping on a classic cup of coffee, guests can enjoy dishes such as entrecôte, salads, and sandwiches. The terrace is a sought-after spot, especially during the summer months, so arrive early to secure a seat and soak in the Parisian atmosphere.


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These coffee shops in Paris represent just a fraction of the thriving coffee culture in the French Capital. Each one offers its own unique atmosphere, brewing methods, and menu items, ensuring that coffee lovers and enthusiasts can find their perfect spot in the City of Love. Explore these cafes, sample their exquisite coffees, and embrace the rich flavors that Paris has to offer.

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