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Beautiful Towns and Cities Near Paris That Are Worth Visiting

French villages hold an inexplicable charm that’s undeniably appealing. It might be the winding lanes or the captivating architecture that casts this enchantment. Amidst it all, there’s a wealth of history waiting to be uncovered. If you’re looking for an exciting day trip to discover beautiful towns and cities near Paris that are sure to capture your heart!Château de Fontainebleau- Cities Near Paris

Beautiful Towns & Cities Near Paris
That Are Worth Visiting


There are numerous cities near Paris, and among them, the picturesque Versailles stands out as the most renowned. Positioned as one of the closest cities to Paris, Versailles holds a special place, especially for first-time visitors to the dazzling City of Lights. A trip, lasting at least half a day, to Versailles is almost a rite of passage when exploring Paris. It’s a highlight of the Île de France region, offering more than just the grand palace within Paris’s outskirts. This destination encompasses an entire town waiting to be explored, featuring a plethora of museums, cafés, and distinctive architecture.

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The stunning countryside around Paris remains easily accessible, courtesy of excellent transportation connections in the Île de France region. Fontainebleau, boasting a picturesque castle rivaling Versailles, unquestionably earns its spot on the must-visit list. Undoubtedly, the château stands as a quintessential fairytale-like escapade from the City of Love. Often dubbed “Versailles without the crowds,” this enchanting castle epitomizes a magical day trip, complemented by an equally captivating town. Beyond the castle’s grandeur, visitors can meander through the expansive forest, once a hunting ground for the French royal family since the 12th century, and explore the delightful house museum, Musee Stephane Mallarme. To optimize your visit, consider booking your Fontainebleau tickets in advance to streamline your experience.

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Among the array of cities neighboring Paris, Chartres stands out as a must-visit destination. Nestled in the Loire Valley, Chartres serves as a gateway to the realm of castles. Situated in the Eure-et-Loire department of France, this city is renowned for its magnificent cathedral, abundant medieval architecture, and captivating museums. Since the medieval era, Chartres has drawn countless Catholic pilgrims, resulting in a rich tapestry of ecclesiastical buildings and historical treasures to explore. Optimal for a car trip, especially if planning to venture into the Loire Valley, often referred to as the “Garden of France,” immediately after your Chartres visit. Approximately an hour and a half’s drive from the City of Light, Chartres stands as a city near Paris well worth the journey.


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Often overlooked yet immensely enchanting, Chantilly stands out as an underrated gem accessible through a short day trip from Paris. A mere twenty-minute journey from Gare du Nord via the fast train leads you to this magical settlement. Chantilly embodies the quintessential French town, offering an abundance of bars, restaurants, and independent shops. Beyond its charming atmosphere, the town hosts a mesmerizing Château renowned for housing the second-largest art collection in France. Moreover, its grounds served as inspiration for Marie Antoinette’s Hameau de La Reine at Versailles, adding to its historical allure.

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You can reach the charming town of Sceaux via one end of the RER B line, just about a half-hour journey from Paris’ Gare du Nord. This French settlement near Paris is particularly picturesque during spring when the abundance of blossoms paints a stunning scene. In the grounds of the Sceaux château lies an entire cherry blossom orchard that blooms every April. Yet, even beyond those initial months, Sceaux maintains its lovely appeal throughout the other seasons. There’s plenty to explore, from the château itself to the sprawling park and a variety of enticing eateries. Additionally, you can discover the grand Château, famous for its appearances in various filmings like the TV series “Versailles,” and indulge in a delightful cup of tea at Plaisirs des Thés.


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About an hour’s drive from the heart of Paris lies the enchanting town of Senlis. This French commune holds a special place in my memories, as I had the pleasure of visiting it on my birthday a few years back, basking in abundant history and radiant sunshine. Senlis boasts three museums—the Museum of Art and Archaeology, the Museum of the Hunts, and the Museum of Spahis. Additionally, there’s a historical abbey, remnants of a Roman arena, and a medieval cellar, all waiting to be explored and uncovered. This ancient town of Senlis is intertwined with the legacy of the French heroine, Joan of Arc. On the 15th and 16th of August 1429, Joan of Arc led her French troops in the historic Battle of Montépilloy, near Senlis, securing a decisive victory against the English. A commemorative plaque in the church stands as a testament to her triumph.


Only half an hour away on the RER A from the centre of Paris, you’ll find the sweet town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. This town makes the list of pretty French towns near Paris not only because of its lovely architecture and wonderful eateries but also because it has a large forest and charming château (which now houses a fantastic museum of archaeology). Aside from the museum, the château itsself is well worth a look, if only for its impressive architecture and the fact that Louis XIV was born there! Elsewhere in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, there’s the real-life Château de Monte Cristo (Alexander Dumas’ country mansion) and Musée Claude Debussy in the iconic composer’s birthplace.


Approximately 40 minutes from Paris’ heart lies Meaux, renowned for its Brie and Mustard, although much of the Meaux Brie production now resides in the Lorraine region of France. However, beyond its gastronomic fame, Meaux offers a wealth of historical and cultural experiences. For those less inclined towards culinary adventures, Meaux boasts an array of outdoor activities, inviting visitors to savor life in France outside the bustling capital. Opportunities for walks, water-based activities, and hiking abound. The town hosts the Musée de la Grande Guerre (Museum of the Great War), one of the largest WWI museums in Europe, if not the world. Nature enthusiasts seeking respite from Paris can explore the serene Canal de Meaux à Chalifert, especially delightful during the summer months, offering a tranquil waterside stroll.


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Several towns within the ‘Paris countryside’ often lack green spaces, resembling the French capital in this aspect. However, Auvers-Sur-Oise stands apart, surrounded by picturesque rolling green hills. Adding to its allure, Auvers-sur-Oise boasts its own accessible château, open to the public for a fee. For those seeking quaint villages near Paris, this pastoral settlement doesn’t disappoint, exuding a serene countryside charm. A visit to Auvers-Sur-Oise unveils the intriguing world of absinthe at the Absinthe Museum and invites exploration of Van Gogh’s footsteps during his brief residency before his passing. Visitors can even tour the artist’s final dwelling. Within the town’s cemetery lies the eternal resting place of the revered artist himself alongside the grave of Van Gogh’s brother, Theo. Trails inspired by Van Gogh’s last paintings weave through the town, offering a glimpse into his artistic inspiration. A day trip to Auvers-Sur-Oise harmoniously pairs with a visit to nearby L’Isle Adam, a delightful town boasting its own sandy beach.


Positioned along RER line A, Rueil-Malmaison sits just a brief thirty-minute journey from the heart of Paris, securing its place among the top destinations near the city. Embodied by a quintessential French Château, it encapsulates the essence of a typical French town. The Château holds historical significance as the former official residence of Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife. Strolling through its grounds offers a chance to tread in the very footsteps of the empress herself. The town itself is brimming with bakeries, patisseries, and charming riverside locations along the Seine, perfect for a leisurely cycle or a refreshing jog on warm summer evenings. In addition to these scenic spots, Rueil-Malmaison boasts an array of small churches and museums. Among the charming French towns for day trips from Paris, Rueil-Malmaison stands as a hidden gem, often overlooked despite its abundant charm.


Chevreuse is one of the most picturesque cities near Paris—a setting straight out of the movies, a place that feels like a relic of the past, yet still exists today. This hidden gem warrants your attention as one of the most exquisite towns near Paris. Nestled in the Île de France region, south of Paris, Chevreuse is embraced by the haunting remnants of a medieval château. Stroll through the town’s quaint streets and encounter a tranquil river, bordered by numerous traditional French gardens, offering a serene ambiance. A short drive away, the exquisite Monastic remains and chapel of Port-Royal-des-Champs Abbey await exploration, making for a worthwhile visit, especially if you have access to a car. Alternatively, opt for an adventure by taking the RER B train to St Remy Les Chevreuse and embarking on a pleasant half-hour walk to Chevreuse itself. The journey from Paris is an enriching experience, promising a rewarding excursion to this fairytale-like town.


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To experience a taste of Deauville, the Normandy resort town near Paris, Enghien-les-Bains is the destination to explore. This spa settlement, inhabited since at least the Middle Ages, offers a glimpse into history, possibly dating back even further. While the town’s primary attraction is its expansive casino, among the largest and most popular in all of l’Hexagone, Enghien-les-Bains stands out for its proximity to Gare du Nord, only a ten-minute train ride away, yet creating a sense of being in a different world. A delightful aspect of visiting Enghien-les-Bains is taking the 3.3 km stroll around the lake, reveling in its distinctive architectural elements and charming gardens along the way. A sunny day calls for a picnic, providing a perfect interlude during this scenic walk!


Lining the Marne’s tranquil banks, weeping willows grace the surroundings of Lagny-sur-Marne—a hidden treasure of a town. Despite its proximity, merely under 30 km east of central Paris, this Île-de-France settlement remains largely undiscovered, even by many locals within the city.


Nemours stands out as the only town within the Île-de-France region proudly showcasing a château at its heart, making it an intriguing destination among the cities near Paris worth visiting. Accessible within an hour from Paris’s Gare de Lyon station, this charming French town offers more than its central landmark. Visitors can explore a prehistory museum, enjoy picturesque riverside walks, and marvel at a church distinguished by its unique wooden spire.


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A delightful town, perfect for a day trip from Paris, is Moret-Sur-Loing. A mere fifty-minute train journey from Paris’s Gare de Lyon station leads to this charming town adorned with a mix of medieval structures and architectural wonders. Notably, it was once the residence of Alfred Sisley, the English painter, who captured the town’s picturesque scenes in his artworks. Moret-sur-Loing boasts additional attractions such as its medieval town walls, offering a glimpse into its historical past. Indulging in local treats, especially the Sucre d’Orge, a regional specialty, is a must. Moreover, taking a countryside stroll along one of the nearby rivers or tributaries adds to the town’s allure.


Another enchanting and lesser-known town, perfect for a day trip from Paris, is Luzarches. This delightful French settlement harbors various medieval remnants, notably a walkable gateway and a sizable church accessible to visitors free of charge throughout the week.

Exploring the areas surrounding Paris reveals a wealth of charming towns waiting to be discovered. Each of these enchanting destinations possesses its own unique appeal, offering a delightful getaway not far from the bustling City of Lights. Fortunately, many of these cities near Paris are easily reachable via public transportation. Alternatively, organized tours are available, providing stress-free travel experiences to many of them.

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