Bacio di Latte

If you find yourself looking for a really good place to take an ice cream in São Paulo, you shouldn’t think twice before going to Bacio di Latte. You’ll definitely taste the best ice cream of the city there. Bacio di Latte offers an authentic gelato with classic Italian flavors (like Stracciatella, Amaretto, Crema di Delia and Nocciola Tonda Gentile) but it has also received some influences of the the Brazilian culture (with flavors like Paçoca and Tapioca). My favorite flavor is Cremino (which has a layer of Nutella). The ice cream is produced with really fine ingredients that come from the best suppliers of the world. Bacio di Latte doesn’t use chemical preservatives and artificial sweeteners to produce its gelato. The ingredients come from natural sources like cocoa, vanilla bean, fruit, etc. In keeping with the Italian tradition, they fill up your cone or cup with a spatula and you can ask up to three flavors in the cup and up to two flavors in the cone. The brand already has many shops around São Paulo, but be prepared to wait in line if you decide to go there on the weekend.


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