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5 awesome Christmas Markets in Europe

OK! It may already be dark in most European cities before 4 p.m. in December, but this time of year also has its advantages! Christmas is certainly one of them. It makes most places in Europe look like those fairy-tale villages. There’re several elements that make up the magical Christmas we see there. The cold, sometimes the snow, the lights flashing everywhere, the decorations in gold and red and obviously the traditional Christmas markets! They’re already part of the Christmas culture in Europe and appear everywhere in the period preceding December 25th. Actually, they were born in Germany and spread everywhere along the time. They’re common goods in France as well. That’s probably one of the reasons that made that made the most famous of them come out in Strasbourg, near the border town between Germany and France. Below, five cities with awesome Christmas Markets!


Christmas is the biggest tourist attraction of Strasbourg. Precisely for this reason, the city tries to never disappoint this time of year when it comes to decoration, the Christmas market and the Christmas-event.



The cold of the Nordic countries makes Copenhagen the ideal city to enjoy the Christmas season by the book. There’s a large Christmas market near Stroget (the longest pedestrian street in Europe), but the best Christmas in Copenhagen is certainly in Tivoli Park with decoration, events and everything contributing to a magical atmosphere.

Christmas Market- Copenhagen

Image: Mari and the City.



Prague usually enchants visitors with the towers and castles we may see everywhere, but the city is even more beautiful if it’s covered by the snow. With Christmas markets located close to their main squares, it gets even better!

Christmas Market- Prague

Image: Mari and the City.



If Paris is already the city of lights, I think it doesn’t want to lose any kind of competition at Christmas as well! The trees of the Champs-Elysées are flashing as ever. A Ferris wheel is positioned on the Place de la Concorde. From that point to the Champs-Elysées, there’s a huge Christmas market with a number of attractions.

Christmas Market- Paris

Image: Mari and the City.



Beyond the Christmas market close to the giant Christmas tree in Marienplatz, Munich has some of them scattered across the city. The interesting thing about Munich is that it can also serve as a starting point to go to other cities with equally amazing Christmases as, for example, Nuremberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

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