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Why Florence may be the perfect destination to study Italian

The capital of Tuscany is a really charming destination. As it was the cradle of the Renaissance, it usually attracts a lot of people interested in History of Art. At the same time, it’s also the place where the great Italian luxury brands began its trajectoty and awakens interest in professionals of this industry. These are some of the extra knowledges you can acquire on site when you choose to spend some time in Florence! That already makes the destination quite attractive for those who want to do an Italian course abroad. Here are some other factors that weigh in favor of the place!

Image: Shutterstock.

Image: Shutterstock.


1. Less tourists than Rome

If your intention is to practice a foreign language in the country where it is spoken, you probably wanna have more contact with locals than with tourists. Although Florence earn rather a lot of them, they are less numerous and often spend fewer days in the city than those who go to Rome. Listening more Italian than English will obviously help you to improve your language level faster.


2. Stunning settings close to Ponte Vecchio

Studying abroad is also an opportunity to learn more deeply the place and better understand the local culture. Of course it’s important to choose an interesting destination! Florence is a city where there is no shortage of cool things to be explored! Having one of the highest concentrations of pieces of art in th world, it has a multitude of museums, monasteries and churches where all this heritage of mankind can be enjoyed. Walking from one place to another, you’ll see many beautiful settings. One of my favorites is the sunset on the Ponte Vecchio!

Image: Shutterstock.

Image: Shutterstock.


3. Easy access to other places in Tuscany

The region of Tuscany takes time to fully discover, It’s common to visit only the most famous cities if you’re travelling on this region just for a few days. Being in Florence is an easy way to get access to other smaller towns around there! Spending some time studying in Florence is the ideal opportunity to visit other cities like Siena, Pisa and San Gimignano. The fact that Italy has taken so long to be united as a nation made several cities in the region grew between walls as a form of protection, which gives a quite special charm to them. See which are my favorite towns in Tuscany here.

Image: Mari and the City.

Image: Mari and the City.


4. Vibrant summers

Among street artists, tourists and locals who are always moving between the city’s piazzas and Ponte Vecchio, you w’ll see that summers in Florence are very exciting! The most famous parts of the city are full of life and music! Though this time of year is amazing, I must warn you that the summers in this city are too hot! So, it’s good to be prepared for the extremely high temperatures!


5. The possibility of combining Italian lessons with other courses

Being a place of great importance for various fields of knowledge, you can imagine that the city is going offer a wide range of courses that can be combined with Italian lessons. As mentioned above, Florence was important for the development of the Italian luxury industry and the cradle of the Renaissance (becoming one of the most important exponents in Art History worldwide). The great advantage of studying such subjects here is the fact that many lessons can take place in the own museums, churches and other locations which are the topics of the class!


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