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The Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in London

Welcome to my ultimate guide for a fantastic weekend in London! In this itinerary, I’ll take you through the must-visit attractions and hidden gems of the city. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, London has something for everyone. Let’s dive in!ultimate guide to a weekend in London

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Where to Stay in London

Before embarking on your weekend adventure, it’s essential to choose the right accommodation. With plenty of options available in London, finding the perfect place won’t be a problem. For a comprehensive guide on the best areas to stay in London and my top hotel recommendations, check out my area guides and blog post Best Luxury Hotels in London. Remember to book your accommodation in London here to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Friday Night in London: Tour and Soho

To kick off your weekend in London, settle into your accommodation and get ready for an adventure-packed evening. Start by getting an overview of the city with an open-top bus tour or a Thames river cruise. These experiences offer breathtaking views and help you plan your sightseeing. Book your bus tour here and secure your river cruise tickets here.

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Afterward, head to the vibrant neighborhood of Soho for a delightful dinner. Soho is known for its diverse culinary scene, offering everything from budget-friendly eats at Pizza Pilgrims to romantic dinners at Andrew Edmunds. For a touch of luxury, visit Bob Bob Ricard and try their famous press-for-champagne button. Explore the exciting nightlife of Soho, with options ranging from live jazz at Ronnie Scott’s to unique bars like Cahoots near Regent Street and Carnaby Street. Remember to enjoy the atmosphere and capture the best of London at night.

Saturday in London: South Bank, the City, and the West End

Start your Saturday morning by immersing yourself in the vibrant South Bank. Take in the breathtaking views from the London Eye and explore the book market while strolling along the river. Reserve your London Eye tickets here in advance to skip the queues. South Bank is known for its lively atmosphere, offering pop-ups, street performers, markets, and food trucks. Embrace the spontaneity and immerse yourself in the weekend vibes.

As you continue east from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge, don’t miss the opportunity to visit two beloved landmarks, Tate Modern and Borough Market. Tate Modern showcases world-class contemporary art and provides stunning views from the top of the Blavatnik Building. Entry is free, so you can explore at your own pace. Borough Market is a food lover’s paradise, offering a wide array of culinary delights. Indulge in a delicious lunch at one of the popular restaurants like Padella or savor the flavors from the various market stalls.

Cross London Bridge into the historic City of London, where architectural wonders await. From the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral to the hidden lanes around Bank station, this area is rich in history. Take a leisurely walk or follow my free self-guided City of London walk to discover the highlights. Visit the Tower of London and marvel at the historic fortress and the iconic Tower Bridge. You can book your Tower of London tickets here to ensure a seamless experience.

In the evening, immerse yourself in the magic of the West End by watching a captivating show. London’s theater scene offers a variety of plays and musicals to suit every taste. Before or after the show, enjoy a delightful dinner in Covent Garden, known for its diverse culinary options. From casual stalls in Seven Dials Market to classic restaurants like Rules and The Ivy, Covent Garden has something for everyone. Afterward, explore the iconic sights of Covent Garden, Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus or indulge in the vibrant nightlife the area has to offer.

Sunday in London: Buckingham Palace, Westminster, and the East End

Begin your Sunday morning at Buckingham Palace, the residence of the British monarch. Witness the grandeur of the Changing the Guard ceremony or admire the palace from the gates. If you have the opportunity, take a tour of Buckingham Palace to explore the state rooms and gardens. Remember to book your tickets here well in advance for this exclusive experience.

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Afterward, stroll to Victoria for a satisfying lunch. This area offers a variety of casual dining options. Sir Simon Milton Square is a pedestrianized area with great choices like Shake Shack, Franco Manca, and Bone Daddies. Market Halls Victoria, with its fun roof terrace, also provides a range of eateries to satisfy your cravings.

Walk through St. James’s Park to Horse Guards Parade and Westminster, where iconic landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament await. Consider touring Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament to immerse yourself in British history and marvel at the architectural wonders. Book your tickets here to secure your spot.Houses of Parliament on a weekend in London

Continue your exploration by walking up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. Admire Nelson’s Column and the Fourth Plinth sculpture while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere around the fountains. Make a stop at the National Gallery if you’re an art enthusiast. With masterpieces by renowned artists, the National Gallery offers free entry, allowing you to appreciate art at your own pace.Trafalgar Square on a weekend in London

If your weekend in London extends into the evening, take a tube or Overground ride to East London’s trendy neighborhoods of Shoreditch or Hackney. Shoreditch is famous for its fantastic restaurants and bars along Rivington Street, Redchurch Street, and Shoreditch High Street.

Shoreditch on a weekend in London

Enjoy your weekend in London and don’t forget to support my blog by booking through the affiliate links provided. Safe travels!