Sherlock Holmes Museum

Near Baker Street tube way out, Sherlock Holmes Museum is still a place little explored in London basic itineraries. Actually, it’s small and can be visited without spending much time. Anyway, it’s really nice to make a quick stop there if you’re visiting Madame Tussaud’s wax museum! The place tries to recreate the home of the English detective in all the minimum details with the objects and gadgets that were present in his stories. We have even the view to the Baker Street on the first floor window! The museum staff are dressed up to maintain the atmosphere of other times in the place. As we climb the stairs and enter the first room, we see his unmistakable pipe, magnifying glass and hat. Then, we go to his bedroom and other rooms of the house. Some of them show also work and reading spots of the detective with weapons and other objects that were present in their adventures while trying to solve his complicated cases. It’s true that the place is fun and can ensure funny pictures, but fans who know well the stories will surely enjoy more the visit! Several characters in the books are also present on the upper floors of the house and there isn’t much explanation of the roles they played in Homes’ adventures. So, you’ll need to ask the staff to tell you a little bit of the story if you have any doubt! It’s open daily (except Christmas day) from 9:30 am to 18h.

Sherlock Holmes Museum. 237-241 Baker Street. London NW1 6XE. Phone: +44 207 224 3688.


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