Schloss Schönbrunn

Vienna is  a wonderful city that is definitely able to impress any visitor with its gorgeous architecture. Its historic buildings are really magnificent and breathtaking. Among them, Schloss Schönbrunn is a highlight. Actually, it’s considered Vienna’s most popular tourist attraction. You can easily spend half a day visiting the palace and its gorgeous gardens. It was the summer residence of successive Habsburg monarchs. In 1695, Emperor Leopold I commissioned a court architect with the construction of a palace that was to outshine Versailles in the area that was occupied by hunting lodge in the past, but this initial project was financially unfeasible. The construction was only partially completed when Leopold I died in 1705. In the next century, every Emperor has added or changed a little bit the building. The Schönbrunn Palace in its present form was built and remodelled during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa who received the estate as a wedding gift. Franz I commissioned the redecoration of the palace exterior in neoclassical style as it appears today. The most famous character that has already inhabited Schloss Schönbrunn, however, was the Empress Sissi without doubt. She has become a cult figure worldwide and it seems that everyone who visits the place is also quite interested in her life. As a Brazilian, I also can’t forget to mention the Palace was the birthplace of D. Leopoldina (Archduchess that played an important role in the independence of Brazil) and her residence until her marriage with D. Pedro I. Besides, the Hall of Mirrors inside the palace is the place where Mozart played to court for the first time at age 6. In addition to the tours around the palace, many classic music concerts take place there.


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