San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a small medieval town in Tuscany. Getting there can be a little bit complicated because the city has no railway station. To arrive in San Gimignano, you need to get off the train at Poggibonsi station and then take a bus up there. The city is surrounded by walls (as several other historical cities of Tuscany) and the bus stops near one of its entries. The city’s architecture is very well preserved and this attracts many tourists, especially in summer. People usually go there to enjoy the day just walking by, looking at craft stores, visiting churches and other historic buildings, eating an ice cream and spending the time in the city’s central square. The Piazza della Cisterna looks like a real movie set and the ice cream shops around it are excellent. We also found some museums in the town. Around the walls of San Gimignano, we also have a breathtaking landscape with long green hills, full of cypress trees, olive trees and vines feet. The town represents very well everything that Tuscany may offer on its best.

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