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Riviera London: Southern French Dining in Mayfair

We welcomed a splendid new restaurant opening in the English Capital this year: Riviera London, situated on St. James’s Street in Mayfair! It’s a great addition the amazing restaurants this area has offer. This extraordinary venue, which I recently had the pleasure of visiting, draws its inspiration from the allure of the South of France. It’s an upscale establishment that offers an ambiance that seamlessly blends artistic design with authentic Mediterranean flavors, creating a setting that is both opulent and inviting. The venue is perfect for either a romantic date night or an elegant evening out with friends, as it offers the opportunity to make orders until much later than most other establishments in the Capital. It’s also really worth trying for some unique dish offerings!Riviera London

Transporting the allure and sophistication of the South of France to the heart of London, Riviera finds its muse in the vibrant hotspots of the French Riviera – Cannes, Nice, Saint-Tropez, and Antibes. The venue is divided into three distinct areas: the main dining room, the ground floor bar & lounge, and the expansive outdoor terrace. Influenced by artists like Pablo Picasso and Le Corbusier, the vivid color palette harmonizes with the skilled craftsmanship reminiscent of the South of France. The restaurant epitomizes the grace and allure of this region! This area boasts several amazing bars, but the ground floor bar & lounge really stands out as a lovely and intimate alternative, open until very late hours in the evening.

Riviera London

Upon entering the main dining area, the open-plan kitchen immediately captivates, showcasing a fresh seafood display. From the tiles to the counters, the kitchen evokes the ambiance of a traditional French villa. The journey continues up the escalators, where the walls are adorned with stunning artworks.
Riviera London

The centerpiece of Riviera London is its magnificent bar, a true spectacle. It serves as a captivating backdrop to an extensive and thoughtfully curated drinks selection, featuring an array of Champagnes and wines from France. Wine enthusiasts can explore the restaurant’s intimate wine cellar, where exceptional pours are paired with delectable French-style tapas from the kitchen. Riviera also boasts a bespoke cocktail list with a French-inspired touch. Riviera Londoncocktails at Riviera London

Riviera London’s culinary repertoire revolves around the concept of shared dining, encompassing an array of starters, meats, seafood, pasta, sides, bread, and desserts. Standout dishes include Lemongrass Scallops, Caviar Sandwich, and Grapefruit King Crab Salad. The brioches, filled with decadent ingredients like foie gras and lobster, offer an exceptional bite-sized experience not to be missed.Riviera LondonFor those seeking meat options, the Black Truffle Slow-cooked Baby Chicken, and the classic fillet steak in black pepper sauce are exceptional choices. Sourced from the shores of Cote d’Azur, Riviera serves the finest seafood, featuring delights like Lobster with Yuzu Butter, and Grilled Octopus with Mediterranean Chimichurri and Cauliflower Puree.

A selection of freshly prepared pasta dishes is also on offer, including Native Lobster Spaghetti with Seafood Sauce, Veal Ragu Rigatoni, and Truffle and Cheese Gnocchi. These pastas serve as an ideal intermediate course for sharing before the main dishes. To conclude the meal, indulge in the quintessential Creme Brulée that receives a unique touch with lavender biscuits, or savor the beautifully presented chocolate cake, transporting you straight to a local bakery in Southern France.
Every aspect of the restaurant has been meticulously arranged to craft an immersive experience, led by Group Executive Manager Cyril Blaret and the dedicated team. Upon arrival, guests are whisked away to St Tropez, greeted by the warm golden glow emanating from the impressive lampshades in the entrance hall, while the expansive windows mirror the famous sunsets of the South of France.

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