Parque del Retiro

Buen Retiro Park (or simply Parque del Retiro) is one of the main attractions of Madrid. The place is really wonderful and it is a must-go for anyone visiting the city. The architecture of the place has European characteristics and resembles the gardens of various royal palaces. As Madrid is a very hot city in the summer, the park serves as a true refuge for the heat that makes in the rest of the city this time of year because the temperatures are lower inside due to the large amount of green areas and shadows. The site also has several statues, fountains and monuments along the numerous gardens. The most interesting attraction in the Parque del Retiro, however, is an artificial lake in front of the Monument to Alfonso XII where you can rent a boat to row. During the week, Madridians usually go to the park for jogging or walking in the morning and late afternoon. You will also find many families with children there especially on Sundays and holidays. The park is usually taken by singers, musicians and painters in the holidays too. The place has several entrances, but the main one is at Plaza de la Independencia, 7. The park opens at 6 a.m. throughout the year, but usually close to 10 p.m. from November to April and midnight from May to October.



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