Market Square in Bruges

When we think about traveling to Belgium, we think mainly in two cities: Brussels and Bruges. The first one is a more cosmopolitan city and closer to the life style of other European capitals. On the other hand, Bruges is smaller and quite calm. Actually, this is one of its great charms. Its lovely architecture with many bridges, canals and clock towers also attracts lots of tourists every year. It´s totally possible to visit the city in only one day, but the best is to do a 2-day trip to enjoy this medieval city at its most in my view. As Bruges is a very small town, all major points of interest are in a walking distance. The city is full of history and it has some museums to be visited. However, one of the best things about the town is that you don´t necessarily need to think in advance about you´re going to do during your trip while you´re there. You just have to book a nice hotel and that’s it. Once arrived, you can rest and just walk around to discover the city. One of the highlights of the town is the Market square (Grote Markt) with many restaurants, shops and a really nice atmosphere. The place is free from traffic and it’s definitely one of the most attractive parts of the city. It’s really nice to buy some Belgian chocolates in the shops nearby and sit down somewhere in the square to spend the time.


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