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Japanese Restaurants in Richmond

London sometimes leaves residents and visitors alike yearning for a serene escape. Richmond, with its leafy parks, serene riverside, and charming atmosphere, provides the perfect respite from the urban hustle and bustle. Nestled within this idyllic setting are some amazing restaurants, offering not only exceptional cuisine but also a tranquil ambiance that invites guests to unwind and savor diverse flavors from around the world. If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, here are some of the top Japanese restaurants in Richmond, whether you happen to live or are visiting the area.best Japanese restaurants in Richmond: sushi plate

Top Japanese Restaurants in Richmond

Hanana Sushi

Hanana Sushi stands as an authentic Japanese dining experience in the heart of Richmond. From impeccably fresh sushi to delightful bento boxes, Hanana’s culinary offerings are nothing short of exceptional. Situated on Kew Road, this restaurant welcomes patrons from Tuesday to Saturday, ensuring late-night cravings are met with the finest Japanese cuisine. Whether you prefer individual pieces of sushi or opt for a communal sushi platter, Hanana’s caters to every palate. While the focus is primarily on sushi, the menu also extends to a select range of delectable hot dishes including tempuras, gyozas, and stir fry. It’s worth noting that the tantalizing bento boxes are exclusively available for dine-in during weekday lunchtimes, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the dining experience.


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Location: 49 Kew Rd, Richmond TW9 2NQ


Matsuba, nestled adjacent to Richmond Park, is a stylish haven for aficionados of Japanese cuisine. Since its inception in 2004, Matsuba has consistently held the title for serving the finest sushi in Richmond. This esteemed establishment takes pride in its fusion of both timeless and contemporary Japanese fare, with an unwavering commitment to the freshness and excellence of its ingredients.Dark-wood interiors, discreet sushi bar, and vintage Japanese parasols create a nice ambiance, offering an intimate setting for diners. The menu boasts a curated selection of Japanese and Korean dishes. The addition of Korean cuisine adds an exciting dimension to the dining experience. The sushi bar, a culinary sanctuary, offers impeccably crafted pieces. With exceptional service and a fusion of Japanese and Korean flavors, Matsuba stands as a definitive recommendation for those seeking Japanese restaurants in Richmond.


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Location: 10 Red Lion St, Richmond TW9 1RW

Obon – Sushi & Udon

Established in 2015, Obon Sushi & Udon in Kingston has earned a special place in the hearts of diners, both local and from afar. The restaurant exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere, with tastefully curated decor that invites exploration. Only the finest, certified Sashimi grade fish is selected for their Sashimi and Sushi, a task approached with utmost care by their skilled chefs. This commitment reflects the philosophy of the Head Chef, also the director of Obon, who insists on using the highest quality ingredients to ensure an exceptional dining experience for the valued patrons who choose to visit.

Location: 42 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5EE


Tomoe, actually located in Putney, offers a charming and laid-back atmosphere, providing patrons with a delightful experience while indulging in traditional Japanese cuisine. Whether you opt for dine-in or takeaway, you’ll discover a diverse array of options tailored to your preferences. A standout feature of Tomoe is its extensive selection of exceptional teas, perfectly complementing their culinary offerings. This attention to detail adds an extra layer of refinement to the overall dining experience.


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Location: 292 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 6TH

While Richmond may not have an abundance of Japanese dining options, the ones it does offer are truly gems worth exploring if you happen to be craving Japanese cuisine. Each restaurant brings its own unique approach to Japanese cuisine, providing diners with a diverse range of flavors and experiences.

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