Giverny is a small village near to Vernon. You can make the visit to the place on a half-day tour from Paris. To get there, you need to take a train at the Gare Saint Lazare in Paris going to Vernon on a journey that lasts about 45 minutes. Arriving in Vernon, you must take a bus to Giverny in a journey that lasts about 15 minutes. Usually there are queues to buy tickets at the entrance of Monet’s gardens and it’s better to purchase them in advance by the website. The ticket entitles you to visit the property with Monet’s house and gardens. Whether you’re a fan or not of impressionist painting, visiting the place is truly worth it even for those who do not appreciate this kind of art. You’ll definitely end up being amazed by the beauty of Monet’s gardens! They say the place has a special beauty in the spring, but the photos that illustrate this post were taken in the fall and I was equally impressed with the garden during my visit in this season. There’s an incredible variety of flowers composing beautiful sceneries in several colors. Walking a little further the place, you get to the part where it’s located the lake and the famous bridge of the Japanese garden. Walk through this area makes you feel within the paintings of the greatest master of the impressionism! Finishing the visit to the village, you can make a visit to the Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny. The gardens remain closed during the winter.


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